Kate Graves

Kate Graves


Intelligent, poetic lyrics combined with a voice that elicits an immediate emotional response from the listener. A quirky, funny perfomer, Kate Graves is the whole package.

Other Info

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"Little Owl" EP (2007)
"These Crooked Trees" - To be released January 2009

Set List

1st 45 Minute Set:
1. Hemmingway
2. Come on Over
3. These Crooked Trees
4. Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones Cover)
5. Miracles
6. Front Porch Day
7. Love Song For Neurotics
8. St. Francis
9. The Cape (Guy Clark Cover)
10. Time Of Day

Set 2 (45 minutes):
1. Love Is
2. Goin Easy
3. Love At The 5 & Dime (Nanci Griffith Cover)
4. Long Night
5. Please Bring Us A Renaissance
6. I Buy Flowers
7. Let It Be (Beatles Cover)
8. Cryin Shame
9. Three Days
Encore (Waiting On An Angel, Ben Harper Cover)