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Kate Leary @ Othello's

Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Kate Leary @ CD Release Party at Othello's

Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Norman, Oklahoma, USA

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Singer finds voice in college
Brittany Burden/The Oklahoma Daily/Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Saturday afternoon, Kate Leary gently sings “All That It Takes” by Amarin Morris. Her soft, breathy voice and bright smile captivates listeners and stops a passersby on the sidewalk.

Leary, a letters senior, found her passion for singing at a young age. The Boston native who calls Colleyville, Texas home, said it was moving from town to town that led her to music.

“In a new town when you’re just getting your feet beneath you, it was nice coming home to an instrument,” she said.

Starting at the age of 5, Leary says that she first learned to play the piano by ear. Later in life, she enrolled in lessons for the next 10 years and obtained her first guitar as a sophomore in high school. This became the beginning of a lasting passion for music.

“I’ve always loved it and have gone to as many concerts as possible. I would just sit down and try to play songs that came on the radio”.

Leary is attracted mainly to country music, which began when she “came down south,” as she puts it. She became influenced by the ever-popular Texas country music scene.

Leary also admits to having had a karaoke machine which she used to emulate her favorite musical influences like Patty Griffin, Bonnie Rhea, Phil Collins, Faith Hill, The Beatles and many others.

Leary admits that initially music was not her first ambition when entering college.

“I wanted to be everything-- a teacher, broadcast journalist, social worker, even a singing meteorologist,” she said.

After several major changes, however, Kate chose Letters. Her biggest musical influence is people.

“[My influences are the] people and life and the interaction of people within the different areas of their lives. There is so much richness in human interaction and I love the challenge of capturing that in a song,” she said.

Leary said she solidifed her path in music when she discovered her true passion during a trip to Italy.

“I loved Florence and my grandmother is full Italian. I loved the culture, people, food and it was great to mingle with a different set of people. I came back from Florence feeling like it was time to make life happen and choose music.”

Upon her return from Italy, Leary answered an ad in a local paper and began singing for Charlie Rayl. Leary said Rayl gave her the opportunity to sing and cultivate her songwriting.

In her music, Kate mentions a love for all people. She said experiences in Italy and being a letters major have helped this love grow. She discloses that her first ambition as a songwriter is the need to be relatable.

“I might not reach everyone but I should try to have the courage to put myself out there honestly. My music will find its own path,” she said.

Leary also mentions that without the support of her family and God, she would never have had the courage to pursue music at all.
- Brittany Burdern at The Oklahoma Daily


'Can't Stop Dreaming' (Independent)
Release Date: November 12, 2009
Available on iTunes and CDBaby.com



From car-seat songbird at age four, to poised and lively singer/songwriter at twenty-two, Kate Leary has been ready to take on the world from an early age. A passionate musician and recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Kate’s goals have spanned across a variety of landscapes, but always seem to return to the music that she says “follows her everywhere.” Her genuine presence is amplified in the purity and innocence of her voice, and her songs are uniquely reflective of both youthful energy and graceful maturity. She is a strong believer in the power that music has to influence and change lives. In Kate’s words, “Music is an incredible force, and if I can make just one life easier or better through honest songwriting and performing, I will consider myself very successful.” A lover of culture and diversity, Kate finds the majority of her inspiration through people and the interaction that they have with one another. “You can find inspiration in other people every single day if you take the time to listen and observe. I have been so blessed to have such an incredible family and close circle of friends that constantly remind me that someone is always fighting a more difficult battle. I am the lucky one that has the opportunity to write about their stories, and hopefully express them in a form that is relatable and enjoyable for everyone who is able to listen.”

Kate’s debut album, Can’t Stop Dreaming, is a collection of songs that exemplify the energy, motivation, and depth of this rising star. Although she has been courted by some of the best in Nashville, she chose to record locally and put in some solid time writing fresh material. While attending college at Oklahoma University, Kate worked diligently with local music writer/producer Charlie Rayl to polish her natural talent for writing and performing. The result: a vibrant showcase of Kate’s charm and ability that combines captivating folky-pop with a country lining. Teaming up with some of Oklahoma’s best players and engineers, Kate’s magnetic personality shines through in this recording. Her heartfelt prose and engaging melodies are capable of lifting up any spirit and lighting up any room. Her live performances leave you inspired and feeling connected with the human experience. “Music is the backdrop for both the happiest and saddest events in our lives….and the more raw the emotion and approachable the performance, the stronger the influence it holds,” Kate reflects. Music has taken her across the globe and her passion is far reaching. It is music that she will follow, wherever it may lead. The seed is firmly planted, so keep an eye on this blossom.

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