Kate Linne'

Kate Linne'


Kate Linne’s (pronounced Lin-AE) debut EP combines guitar-heavy pop and piano-driven blues with a fresh indie-rock tinge that integrates the record into an infectious whole. Her gutsy up-tempo rock numbers and pensive, sincere ballads make her a Nashville artist to watch.


PLAY:STL festival 2008
Dewey Beach Music Fest 2008
Red Gorilla Music Fest 2009
SXSW 2009

*Song “Reckless Parade” featured in Grand Opening Soundtrack for FUSE nightclub in Nashville
*Song “The Breakthrough” featured on PLAY:STL soundtrack
*Tour poster and album art featured in Discmakers January 2009 Catalogue
*Kate appears in the Spring 2009 ad campaign for MODA, a Nashville boutique

“Kate Linné is the total package: incredible voice, original sound, sultry good looks, passionate personality and a great live show to back it up. What more could you ask for?” – Austen Adams, Entertainment Attorney (Lyon & Phillips, PLLC; Nashville, TN)

“Kate has an energy and style unlike anyone I’ve seen before. Her well-crafted lyrics and melodies will stay with you and make you want more. She’s one to keep an eye on.”
-Rebekah Sterk, A&R (Warner Bros Records, Nashville, TN)

“Kate simply exudes a spirit of expressive artistry and individuality. In a musical era of carbon-copies, it is just so refreshing to hear her pipes ringing out over the masses, proclaiming the world has a greater capacity for music, joy, love, depth, and style.”
Beau Davidson, Creative Manager (Cal IV Entertainment, Nashville)

"Kate has a unique character to her voice that simply draws you in and won't let go."
Jon King, Producer (Smoking Gun Recordings, Nashville, TN)

“Really dig the sound. We love to see talented and influential people rocking our products.”
-Patrick Chirico, Designer and CEO (Wrecords by Monkey, Brooklyn, NY)

Kate Linné first came to Tennessee in pursuit of an education on the other side of the studio glass, setting her sights on the Recording Industry Management program at MTSU in Murfreesboro. Bidding a tearful goodbye to her friends and sorority sisters at the University of Kentucky, she began classes at MTSU, where, as one of only a handful or women in her program, she thoroughly enjoyed the contrast of spending time as “one of the guys”. “It was fun to be around people for once that I could totally geek out with about bands and gear,” she says. “You can’t really have conversations about ‘my favorite monosynth’ with just anyone. But at MTSU, that’s all most people talked about…especially after they had a few beers.” She also spent several months at a Nashville artist management company before leaving to pursue her own creative endeavors.

Kate says that her passion for songwriting is something that she has never been able to set aside despite her diverse experiences in the music business. “I love writing all these intensely personal songs about real-life experiences…it feels great when somebody can listen to a song I’ve written and say, ‘you know, I’ve been there too.’ But, it’s equally as incredible to just be able to get up there and entertain people. When you can look out into the audience and see someone who can’t understand a word you’re saying, but is still really loving the show, it’s very cool. Having fun is important.”

Kate also currently appears in an ad campaign for MODA, a Nashville boutique. “Fashion is something that I am incredibly girly about…I just love beautiful clothes. It’s a form of creative expression that everyone can participate in. Well, almost…I guess spend a lot of time obsessing about designers that I can’t afford.”

Look for Kate on tour in 2009. Check www.myspace.com/katelinnemusic for dates and current news.



Written By: Kate Linne'

Written by Kate Linné
© Dual Nature Music 2007

Sidewalks, streetlights, walking late night,
And I wonder who you are
Dimly disguised, can’t keep my eyes
From the movement of your mouth

They say life’s too short
To wonder why the best times seem to only be
As good when were remembering
And I’m old enough to see
I’m not wasting you on a memory
And tonight, I’m open wide

Because I can feel your pull already
Closer now, just let me fall,
Caught in a rush that I won’t fight
Baby there’s nothing more than this
Don’t stop to think, don’t miss it
Oh, a moment that only we know

Touching, shameless, wandering aimless
Through the blurring of the crowd
Your face, half lit, and I can’t quit
Dreaming futuristic scenes


And now with heartbeats pounding through the street, watching the
masses parting like a scattered sea, just for
you and me, you and me.


Where I Fell

Written By: Kate Linne'

Written By Kate Linné
© Dual Nature Music 2007

I just noticed, I can’t be in love without you.
Glasses empty, conversation fails.
Here we go again and there’s no end, and now we’re
So far in, that nothing bends, and your
Heroine, whom you
Sought to win, she is
Worn within, and these
Words won’t make amends.

Baby won’t you give me your hand
Cause touching you reminds me again
I love you like you’re more than a man, so let me
Begin again with you.
I’m standing where I fell for you.

Lying strangers in the bed we made, with sullen sheets
I have to wonder, are we letting go? Oh no.
Honey please, I’ll meet you where we were, Back where the
Air is nice, and futures bright, and we’re
Whole and genuine


Lay down your arms
And I will drop my guard
This love still holds its charms for me
And I won’t fight this war
With you.

I lost you, but I landed,
Standing where I fell for you.


"Where I Fell" EP - 2008

Set List

The Breakthrough
Where I Fell
The Pretty Girl
Try Me
Letting Go
Reckless Parade

Covers: The Pixies, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Top 40