Katelyn McCarter

Katelyn McCarter

 Richmond, Virginia, USA


Compelled to create music
by the invigorating strength and inspiration she receives from God, four time,
award winner by International Music and Entertainment Association  and
Rebirth Radio for 2013 Christian Female Vocalist, Christian Entertainer of the Year,
Song of the Year and Rising Artist of the Year, Katelyn McCarter has captured
the attention of the industry with her sensational vocal abilities and is
quickly establishing herself as talent that is actually worthy of being called
an artist. So artfully does Katelyn paint a memorable musical moment for her
audiences in every performance, that she has been and continues to be sought
out by highly respected top industry reps to collaborate in making music.
Experiencing Katelyn’s passion through her music leaves the listener with no
doubt of her proficiency as a musician and exceptional skills as a singer. It’s
this provoking, poignantly crafted art within music Katelyn produces so
organically that sets her apart as a star in a sea of aspiring singers, defining
her as a truly talented artist brimming with potential.

Hailing from Virginia,
Katelyn McCarter has lived a life enriched with various aspects of performance.
From a young age, Katelyn has taken every presented opportunity to explore her
natural musical impulses, becoming heavily involved in children's choir, where
she discovered she was meant for music. Katelyn’s love for performance and
talent in music was apparent to her family, who supported Katelyn’s creative
inclinations, encouraging her to study voice, piano and dance. Her studies paid
off – Katelyn racked up numerous music achievements as a child and teen which
later prompted her to study music in college. She graduated from Virginia
Commonwealth University School of Music in 2012. Within that same year, Katelyn
also signed with Record Label, Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment from Kansas City
in October of 2012.

With vocal talent
comparable to singers such as Kelly Clarkson and Natalie Grant, this award
winner has a rarely found ability to sing with an awe-inspiring power and
strength while maintaining a captivating delicacy that pulls at the emotions of
the listener.Katelyn is meant to bring music to people and share her gift with
the world. Her songs are injected with the propelling inspiration she finds
through God, illustrating insightful perspectives developed through her rich
experiences in life, causing her music to be both enjoyable and easy for
listeners to relate to.

Katelyn is much more than her stunning, unforgettable voice. She is an active
member of her community, staying involved with anti bullying programs,
non-profit concerts and performing at events where she can be an example to the
young. Her selfless efforts stem from her desire to serve God every day, both
through her music and in her daily life activities. Katelyn dreams of finding
success as a musician as a means of sharing her passion with others, always
staying true to herself, remaining humbled by her blessings and inspiring
others to find their joy and peace through God.



Even as her career in
music begins to rapidly take off, Katelyn is still an approachable, charming
girl with an endearing genuine humility and a benevolent spirit. She lives
every day full of laughter, finding joy easily and always intending to get the
most out of every moment. Katelyn’s refreshing authenticity and natural talent
are what make her the new music artist to believe in. With a wealth of
potential, this beautiful singer is already leaving audiences and critics
enthralled with her talent, proving that Katelyn’s lasting success as a
musician is inevitable. Keep your eyes and ears open for what is to come from
Katelyn McCarter, as her promising musical journey has only just begun.

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Rough Day


Verse 1. My clock is running slow, the coffee pot is broke
Can’t find my keys, and now my head is achin’
My rent is overdue, my boyfriend said we’re through
Help me now, help me now, help me now

My school loan’s due in fact, my credit card is maxed
I missed the bus, and now I’m late for work again
My cash is running low, guess that’s the way it goes
Help me now, help me now, help me now

Chorus: I’ve had a real rough day, wanna get away
Have a one on one, are you feelin’ me?
Gonna slow it down, turn my head around
Run a million miles, from reality
Had a real rough day, rough day

Verse 2. I’d turn the tv on, but it just brings me down
I think I’ll pack it in and chill on out tonight
I need a little time to leave it all behind
Help me now, help me now, help me now


Bridge: C’mon, C’mon now
Movin’ to the left and movin’ to the right
Lord I’m in the middle of another sleepless night
I’m sick of feeling tired, I think I’ve had enough,
I’m droppin’ to my knees, throwin’ my hands straight up!

Chorus 2x