Kate Maguire

Kate Maguire


Kate Maguire's music reflects her love of americana, blues, jazz, folk, and straight up rock.


Kate Maguire's influences range from Wes Montgomery to Doug Pettibone, from Joni Mitchell to Wilco, and back again. Kate has a solid background in jazz guitar and is equally at home pickin' on an acoustic guitar. She performs both solo and as part of her 3 piece band.



Written By: Kate Maguire

My world is small like this town
My mind is wide
This leap of faith that I've made has cured my sight
You've got to know your love

She keeps me safely at bay
But I know why
She fears the words that we say might make her cry
But you've got to know your love
Before it leaves you
And it's leaving me, I feel it leaving me

I loved you more and more each day
Now I miss you more and more each day
But I will not live my love this way
It's leaving me
I feel it leave...


"Leaving" 5 song EP, self released.

Set List

Somebody Told Her
Softer Shade of Blue
Just What We've Waited For
Dance with Me
Hurry Home
Settling In
Making a List
I Don't Want to Know
and more originals

Elvis Presely Blues
Look at Miss Ohio
I Lost It

Sets are typically 45 minutes.