Kate Martin and the Shallowsea Choir

Kate Martin and the Shallowsea Choir

 Townsville, Queensland, AUS

Beautifully unconventional pop-folk


Since the release of her debut album in June last year, Kate Martin has been living outside of her musical comfort zone. After becoming known as a solo folk artist defined by an acoustic guitar, Kate formed (and re-formed) a band to start playing her own unique brand of experimental pop. The reason for this change was not some life-changing event, although there were more than enough of those. It wasn't due to a lack of success - quite the opposite - the album received good radio airplay and press coverage, a finalist in a number of songwriting competitions, and was used in TV shows, short films and commercials. The catalyst for the turnaround was the chance discovery of an old Stratocaster in an op shop in her home town of Townsville. After haggling the price down and falling in love with a new sound, Kate began her transformation into Kate Martin and the Shallowsea Choir. Lush, complex instrumentation and percussion complements Kate's harp-like fingerpicking guitar style and layered harmonies invoking various musical styles. A new album will be released in February 2012.



Written By: Kate Martin

Summer slips away
Like a patient on death row
And your eyes will turn to blue
In the reflection of the moon and I'm
Sorry I'm not with you
Even though I'm lying in your arms

If Option A is B
And Option B is hold me close
And if Option C is B
I guess I'm left here to make up my mind
I'm sorry I won't look you in the eye


Ooh, I'm coming home for the weekend
Ooh, not to stay
Ooh, we built this bridge as big as Brooklyn
Ooh, it's gonna burn, tonight

Once upon a time
This nightmare was an aspiration
And I recall the days
When I could run away if I wanted
Now life is gonna feed me to the wolves


2010 - Synthetic Shoes, Leather Boots
2012 - Young Hearts Go Thud At Any Old Thing