Kate McGarry

Kate McGarry

 New York City, New York, USA

In Dec 08, Kate McGarry's new CD was nominated for a Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album! She comes to her craft with the soul of a folk singer and the facility of a jazz virtuoso. It's a place where Jazz, folk, Brazilian and Celtic music meet up and all get along just fine, thank you.


Kate McGarry Bio

“I’ve always been drawn to the space of silence between the notes. It’s in the silence that the secrets of songs reveal themselves.” – Kate McGarry

Born into a large, musical family in Hyannis, Massachusetts, Kate McGarry caught the performing bug at an early age. “Music as a child was as important to me as anything in my life. I never considered any other career than singing. To my family, music was one of the healing arts. It was just as good as being a doctor.” After becoming enamored of the sounds of Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans, Kate studied with Archie Shepp and earned a degree in African American music from the University of Massachusetts.
Kate was signed as the first and only vocalist on lauded Palmetto label in 2003, and success soon followed. Mercy Streets (2005) was hailed as a record that “seamlessly combines music from many disparate sources into a cohesive, emotional experience (and) bridges the sonic chasm between folk-pop and jazz,” and the release of 2007’s The Target brought a sense that Kate had truly arrived. An NPR All Things Considered profile and New York Times review brought the magic of Kate McGarry to a whole new – and very receptive – audience. The record reached #1 on the national jazz charts and was named one of the best vocal jazz CDs of the year by both Downbeat and the New York Times.
Now regarded as one of the most diverse talents in modern jazz, Kate has performed or recorded with such artists as Fred Hersch, Kurt Elling, Hank Jones, Clark Terry, Victor Lewis, Maria Schneider, Chick Corea, Bobby McFerrin, and Luciana Souza; collaborated with Hersch and Elling on the Leaves of Grass project; recently completed writing and recording 63 children’s songs with Keith Ganz for the Heinle Picture Dictionary; and in 2008 released a record with vocal supergroup MOSS on Sunnyside. Kate can also be found on the faculty of Manhattan School of Music, molding and inspiring a whole new generation of jazz voices.
Her 2008 Palmetto release If Less Is More…Nothing Is Everything finds Kate in a joyful, albeit introspective mood, covering everything from Jobim to The Cars, with a few originals (including a tender e.e. cummings poem set to music) rounding out the project. “My experiences in life, my love of music and my spiritual pursuits are all converging, and the boundaries are fading away. Everything is coming together, and I am feeling very free.”


Man Of God

Written By: Kate McGarry

How do you know a man of god,
can he cure your ills, does he quote the bible?

How do you know a man of god,
Can he read your mind, does he feed the poor?

How do you know when someone's heart is bending on his knees through the night and day?

How can you tell whose prayer it was that kept a child fed or a war at bay.

Where will you seek a man of god - behind long black robes or those stained glass windows.

Where will you seek a man of god- will you look next door over your big white fences?

And if you find a holy one will you beg forgiveness for your human flaws? I'm praying for a miracle so we can know that love is the one true law.

What if you are a man of god, would you recognize yourself without a halo?

What if the love you fear to show is enough to feed a world of starving souls? You can feed them. Will you feed them.


If Less Is More, Nothing Is Everything* Palmetto Records
The Target 2007 Palmetto Records
Mercy Streets 2005 Palmetto Records
Show Me 2003 Palmetto Records

all cds charted top ten on CMJ (jazz) and JazzWeek charts and had extensive national airplay
* Received Grammy Nomination Best Jazz Vocal

Set List

Original music, classic and contemporary songs that are uniquely re-arranged, Brazilian music, a few delta blues ala elizbeth cotton,

A typical set would include, Dylan, Jobim, Joni Mitchell, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Muddy Waters, and my original tunes.