Kate Morrissey

Kate Morrissey


Urban fables and fairy tales, Morrissey's stark piano and lush vocals hold questions of identity and play with the stuff of daily life


Kate loves to play music. She has delighted, baffled, and engaged audiences with her keyed original songs throughout the midwestern United States, then the East, and she continues this trend in the Southeast. She currently tours out of Athens, Ga. Her musical stylings have been compared to those of songwriters including Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, and Alanis Morissette. She recorded her most recent album, A Girl in Winter , at WVIA studios in Pennsylvania for a public radio and television special. Through her integration of media interviews and fantastic live shows, her fan base continues to grow. Ben Gerrard of Athens ' entertainment magazine Flagpole describes a show:

On Friday night, I walk up to Hot Corner (Coffee) to find out what Kate Morrissey has to offer. She's performing solo with keyboards and a little amplification. Morrissey bears a vocal resemblance to Tori Amos in sound and style, with a hint of Alanis Morissette's phrasing. As the set progresses, though, Morrissey's vocals escape the easy folk-rock comparisons, finding mustier, darker tones like Cleo Lane . Her songs are laced with fresh passion and devilish temptation hidden within upbeat love songs. Morrissey's music can carry you away to the sumptuous spaces and places in her mind, while her lyrical content is enchantingly witty.

Morrissey puts on a calmly exuberant delight of a show, the kind that melts things, mixes them around, and leaves them to glue themselves back together.


Nobody, too (coming soon)

Love Songs (LP)

a girl in winter

An Open I

Goldenrod (out of print)

The Blue Tape (out of print)

Set List

Sets include these original songs, with the occasional "Allelujah," "Bad Reputation," or "Peter Pumpkinhead" cover, punctuated with stories and musings:

Streets of Minneapolis
The Clouds
No Can Do
Good Wishes
Straighter, Stronger, Faster
5 am
Veggie Song
Small Ways
Fade Away
Snow Angel
The Little Prince
Oh, Love
What I Had to Do
Oui Tap Dance
Mourn You

Plus more. Sets are usually 45 minutes each, with two or three with breaks in between, or one 1-hour set.