Kate Morrissey

Kate Morrissey


Kate Morrissey's original folk-pop draws comparisons to singers from Regina Spektor to Joni Mitchell to Cleo Lane, setting storytelling to piano with rich vocals and intelligent authenticity. John Norris and Charles Harvey add a jazz element with drums and upright bass.


The Kate Morrissey band includes Kate Morrissey on vocals and piano, Charles Harvey on acoustic bass and cello, and John Norris on drums and acoustic guitar. Together, their sound blends elements of classical, folk, jazz, and pop into a rich sound that can sweep a crowd into its vibrant energy and soul.
Kate Morrissey is a wandering songstress. From her childhood on the rolling hills of rural South Dakota through Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and now among the Southern bohemia of Athens, GA, she is perfectly at home behind her piano. But Morrissey is best known throughout this corridor for her dark velvet voice whose range and control stands on its own. Beyond her uniquely clean sound, Morrissey’s literate lyrics stand up to multiple listenings. Her sharp wit and an off-beat sense of humor punctuate her conversational live shows with plenty of surprise.
Charles King Harvey was born in Kingsport, Tennessee, and began his musical career playing bluegrass music with his family. He later attended the Blue Bear Waltz School of Rock ‘n Roll in San Francisco, returning to Atlanta in 1974 to play acoustic bass for the local jazz group Unit Structure. He moved to Athens and earned a bachelors degree in music education and a master of performance in double bass. Harvey has performed with such greats as Eddie Harris, Dave Holland, and The Bob Hope orchestra. He has performed in the bass sections of the Savannah, GA and Chattanooga TN, regional symphony orchestras, and served as the musical director and conductor of the Sun Coast Symphony Orchestra. He currently tours out of the Atlanta area.
John Norris is best described as being not just a "human metronome", but a "soulful metronome." Trained in a variety of styles – from pop to jazz and Latin beats - Norris gives new meaning to everything he touches. Having played in a variety of jazz groups, Norris brings a level of virtuosity and nuance to his hip-shaking grooves as much as his more orchestral atmospheres. He plays a mean guitar, too.

Together, Morrissey and the band represent years of experience wound into a fresh, new sound.



Written By: Kate Morrissey

Never travelled around the world
not that tall ships are boring;
there are people in my own town
who I'm not through exploring

But Ulysses
Ulysses is sometimes needing comforting
Ulysses has gone adventuring

So I travelled around the world.
Huddled in as the stories were told:
women drug to the depths of hell;
women trapped in a house of gold

Ulysses, sometimes I need comforting
Ulysses, Ulysses,
I'm tired of waiting.

If we're going to sail together,
better read the story closely;
you're not only a conqueror,
I'm not just the king's daughter.
Not a superhero, I can't be your mother, might
be your killer, not your other half, I'm not
an other.

Came back from around the world
with some tales of my own to tell.
Took the riches that we had plundered
and threw them into a wishing well.

Ulysses, sometimes needed comforting
but, Ulysses, I'm tired of waiting.
Ulysses, sometimes we need everything
but, Ulysses...


Blue album (limited release, 1997)
Goldenrod (limited release, 1999)
An Open I (2000)
a girl in winter (2004)
Nobody, too (2006)

Land! (2008)

Streaming radio:
Uncommon Ground Radio Chicago (uncommonground.com)

Set List

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