Kate Myers

Kate Myers


Kate Myers is a singer/songwriter with a powerful but simple sound. She uses a folky guitar style and melodic piano with a powerful vocal. Her lyrics are deeply personal and emotional. The overall outcome is a very calming and quiet, yet moving sound.


Kate Myers is a midwest born singer-songwriter narrating her perspectives on love, life, and loss. Mixing either folk rock guitar or melodic piano with a haunting voice, Kate creates a sound of her own that's calming and quiet, yet still strong and moving. With her songwriting originating as a form of therapy after her mother died during her younger teenage years, Kate's songs are self-reflections of deep thoughts and inner feelings. Her influences range from Brights Eyes and Fiona Apple to Joni Mitchell and Jim Croce. Her self-titled debut album was self-released in May of 2004. Planting herself in colffee shops and basements of music stores, she gathered a loyal following in her hometown area. Kate has played all around the midwest, including Chicago's House of Blues Kaz Bar, and in New York, Spain, Andorra, and England. Kate has shared the stage with Josh Holmes, The Planetary Blues Band, Julies Loyd, Ateriavia, Jordi Botey, Anais Mitchell, and Robert Blake. Kate's second album, Blanket Sky, was released in May of 2006. Kate will be touring all this year in support of Blanket Sky's release.


Kate Myers-LP; Blanket Sky-LP

Set List

1) False Interpretation 2) Fallen 3) Motomobile 4) The Sun and The Snow 5) Scarlet 6) Poker Face 7) Radio B.E. 8) Peculiar 9) End Song 10) Life and Situation 45 minutes to 1 hour.