Kate Sland

Kate Sland


Dynamic Americana rock. Commanding vocals, well thought arrangements, and a high energy live performance.


Lead singer Kate is the pimary songwriter largely influenced by Lucinda Williams, Wilco, and Neil Young. Recent collaborations with bassist Adam Rob have opened the doors for a little more country and harmonious arrangements.
"Energy driven pop/rock band that stands out for the quality of its lyrics and highly professional musicianship of its members. If you like rock, you will love this band."
-Ishrat Ansari, owner Caffe Vivaldi


Aim Low

Written By: Kate Pivoriunas

You are stuck in my memory,
as a boy shaking.
You are who I aim to please,
and I'm your head's disease.

It's hard to keep a conscience clean,
you don't know what that means,
and this conscience needs a little room to breathe.

So you took everything I ever gave you.
You wrapped it up real nice, kissed it goodbye.
Don't worry about the slap in the face.
Baby I'll be fine.

As long as you aim low.
I won't let you down.

Hello mirror,
could you spin me away?
The looks of me are frightening.
You see right through me,
but so do I.

So when I fall apart,
remember my pieces are still sharp,
and when you go to sweep me up
I'll watch you bleed all over the room.

Remember, I told you.
Aim low, and I won't let you down.

Sell Out

Written By: Kate Pivoriunas

Quit selling me out
Quit selling me out
Don't be like that
Then say that you love me

I find it only possible to doubt
When everyone around has bottomed out
The people you think you know
And it turns out you don't

Baby I hear the things you scream
I know you're not saying what you mean
Or is that just me
keeping close to the tree
But my roots aren't that deep
No my roots aren't that deep

So funny I should see
A little of yourself in me
I feel it in my shoulders
Its going to destroy us

You're supposed to be resilient
Where I put my head when I needed

You know I got your back
Why would you ever question that
And as long as your mine
You will be fine
Yes you will be fine

Just quit selling me out
Quit selling me out
Don't be like that
Then say that you love me


Lion Songs - 2008 EP