Kate Roads

Kate Roads



Kate Roads

Kate Roads had dream at the age of 4. While most prepubescent girls had visions of living in Barbie’s dream house, Kate stood on an old milk crate and crooned into her bedroom mirror,performing to fictional fans. She soon found herself entertaining family and friends at holiday gatherings. Toy plastic guitar in hand, the tiny entertainer performed a repertoire of her classic rock favorites. As Kate grew, so did her aptitude. With the gift of a real six string, her self-crafted diligence gave way to her own panache. Kate kept her inner most thoughts in a journal that soon translated into her first songwriting ventures.

While still in high school, Kate performed her freshman material in the coffee house circuit of Michigan, building an ever growing fan base.
She performed at every opportunity, be it a school musical, the Alpena Community band, a local benefit or at a family picnic; honing her signature style. Her new found confidence launched her into the professional arena.

After moving to Florida in 2005, she worked as a background singer at Unity Gain Studios on releases from Berlie Nelson, Ray Medhurst and DJ Kwassa. Producer/arranger Michael Junkroski took notice of the fledgling twenty-one year olds virtuosity and began recording some of Kate’s original material. The result was a much lauded five-song release entitled “CHANGED” ... and changed she was.

Kate then enlisted Junrkoski’s production partner, industry veteran, Lee Brovitz to help pilot her career to the next level. Currently in the studio with Brovitz and Junkroski, Kate is performing festivals, clubs and was invited by singer/songwriter diva, Deena Miller, to perform at the world famous “Chick Singer Night” at the Bitter End in NYC.

The doors are open for the petite brunette and she is on the remarkable journey toward success. Kate has saved you a front row seat ... and the chance to be a part of the “I Remember Her When” audience. Enjoy !


"CHANGED" (2007)