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"FEED THE BAND - Review"

Kate Starr's sound is tighter and more trained than some bands that have been together for years longer than this trio. Rapid fire music with spunky vocals, and lyrics that range from humorous to angst trodden. When you stir all this talent into one pot, you get some of the better punk music of the day with some sounds that are reminiscent of early Nirvana, but with a sometimes softer edge. The trio has been gathering fans wherever they play, and it is no wonder.
It's easy to say that Kate's (frankly awe-inspiring) musical ability does seem to impress all the more when it's tinged with melancholy. "Ache" and "Walking In" are beautifully understated in a way that wouldn't usually be associated with Punk's dark, brooding sounds. "Little Miss Liberty" with its raucous, hypnotic feeling of impending 'something' is made more disturbing by the fact that you get to see some of those exposed nerves.

Now, there are so many artists who are obviously influenced by PJ Harvey, that it would be easy to forget how groundbreaking Kate Starr is. We think Kate's own personal musical development is very much ahead of its time.

She remains a vital force to be reckoned with. Keep your eye on this artist, we see very big things in her future.
- Editor at feedtheband.org


"I think Kate Starr's the most expressive female rock singer I've heard in a long while. She ranks up there with Tori Amos, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and even the perfect pop voice of Karen Carpenter. I hope that after you hear the record you'll agree with my seemingly outlandish superlative remarks!

I'll add now that Mike throws down really tasty and tasteful bass lines/hooks. Seth is super solid and creates smart drum arrangements that really cater to each song. "
- Lance Brenner

"The Deli Magazine"

Starr can haul out serrated chords and snarl on top of it like in “Little Miss Liberty,” but she also has the ability to switch to the elegiac, vulnerable “Say Something Beautiful” without missing a beat. - http://www.thedelimagazine.com


"Kate Starr's songs are like your favorite pair of jeans - worn and frayed in all the right places but they fit perfectly every time. Her voice can soar sweetly or come at you like a cannonball. Her music takes its cues from the best of the 80s and 90s like the Pixies, PJ Harvey, or the underground Throwing Muses. However, this is no throwback. Throughout each song, there is a substance to the music.
Intricate melodies sublimely laid with cutting lyrics suggest Kate is a real star in the making. She can ache like a little girl and then break you just like a woman. The indie grrrl movement could not do better than to have Kate's talents leading the next crop of Chrissy Hyndes or Liz Phairs into the rock world."
*Tim Brennan -www.readyfireaim.com
- ReadyFireAim


"Though she wears her foremothers on her sleeve,... sleek, chic femme fatale Kate Starr leaves plenty of room for a guitar strap and churns out sludgy, guttural rock riffs that make grunge fans wish they never threw out their flannel."
- Spencer Lathrop

"What people are saying on Twitter & MySpace"

"Maybe my memory is shot, but i honestly don't think i've ever heard a voice like this before.

Wow." -Mark Kramer

"I cant stop listening to your music I really like it!"

"Oh my goodness, I ADORE your music! It's like, non-conformist, but not totally weird. That probably made no sense, but the music is awseome!"

"I'm loving "Time Will Tell" - I added it to my profile..."

"Walking In" is simply fantastic! Honestly, if Karen O sounded like you, I would actually like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

"Your voice has a great snarl to it and is very unforgiving much like Tori Amos, but very more rocking. I am also hearing early Liz Phair."

"Revolution Revelation is Pixies-ish but with Kim Deal singing. Very nice little rock song. I am hearing some Sloan like lyrical stylings in that one."

"Time Will Tell continues to prove that you are one of a heck of a performer."

- fans

"KRAMER - world renowned producer/musician"

"... I honestly don't think I've ever heard a voice like this before. Wow."
Mark Kramer (www.kramershimmy.com/bio.html )


"High energy riffs and pretty grrrl vocals encompass Kate Starr’s debut EP, Questing Through Chaos. The album artwork is incredibly compelling, printed in just black, white and pink, with quirky girl-next-door Kate sitting pretty in stripped tights and Mary Jane shoes. However, the aggression of her vocals and lyrics suggest anything but little girl – rather a far too experienced and over-spent woman, wishing to reach back to innocence."


"Questing Through Chaos" is now available in select music stores and iTunes!




Full of grit and art, hot and smart, Kate Starr's music serves knockout blows to what you assume a woman in rock can achieve. It punches back the edges of musical expression, is unabashedly honest with dark, bruising electricity, yet is bright and gorgeous.

Singer-songwriter guitarist leader of a three-piece Indie-Rock Punk band from New York and Virginia, Kate Starr started writing songs at four, later doing soulful studio sessions for artists like the Grammy Award winning Blind Boys of Alabama. She is now at the front of a Brooklyn-led rebellion against music's corporate conformity, espousing the self-sufficient do-it-yourself Indie-Rock esthetic.

Starr’s strikingly original debut EP Questing Through Chaos and her magnetic concert presence beckon intellectuals and romantics alike, expanding her cult following.