Katey Bellville & The Creekbones

Katey Bellville & The Creekbones


We are an all acoustic band, that fuses bluegrass with other musical forms. Our music is very groove oriented with hints of bluegrass, oldtime, folk and rock. We incorporated drums to give our music a backbone and tempo in which to lean.


As a group that was originally concieved as six strangers and a Public Enemy song, we play a variety of tunes from toe-tapping beats to chill rhythms. In addition to our originals, material includes: Patty Griffin, Jack Johnson, The Reeltime Travelers, The Mammals, Mofro, Tegan and Sara, The Animals, The John Butler Trio, G Love and more.

What The Creekbones and Katey Bellville found in each other was the desire to break away from the conformity often found in bluegrass music. Although we fully appreciate the basic tenets of bluegrass, we love challenging genre boundries. Our song selection alone proves our readiness to experiment and discover new sounds.


Soon to come!