Kat Goldman

Kat Goldman


In the spirit of the timeless singer/songwriters of the 70s, Kat Goldman delivers an unforgettable sound that is both universal and personal, timeless and anthemic. Her latest studio release, "Sing Your Song", is a love letter to those artists and an expression of a unique Canadian talent.


Hailed by Dar Williams as "One of Canada's treasures", Kat Goldman is a singer-songwriter that has reached the heights of some of our greatest modern musical talents.
She also has a great story to tell. After signing with renowned manager Ron Fierstein (Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter) in NYC, Kat's career was put on hold following a near-death car accident – where a
car drove through the window of a store she was shopping in, pinning her against the wall –
just a few short days before she was to move to New York City. After months in the hospital and through ongoing rehab where she had to learn how to walk again, Kat returned to the studio to record her sophomore album, "Sing Your Song," a work of love and a testament to the human spirit.

In a recent 2007 review in Exclaim Magazine, Eric Thom writes the new Kat Goldman album "recalls the best of a moody Shawn Colvin with parallels to Judee Sill".
Kat Goldman is now celebrated as one of the strongest and most unique songwriters that has come out of the Toronto scene.
Her acclaim has spread beyond borders, when recent Grammy-nominated (2007) band "The Duhks" discovered her great songwriting talent, and did a cover of Kat's song "Annabel" on their SugarHill Records release.

Famous Canadian Folk Songwriter James Keelahan has continued to spread the word to bands in Australia who are now covering her songs down under.

Speaking of which, watch for upcoming shows in New York City where Kat will be playing with Colin Hay, lead singer of "Men At Work" April 26th and 27th at The Canal Room.


Sing Your Song

Written By: Kat Goldman

All of these days
Waiting for something magical to happen
Friends of mine
They think i'm living, living
In a dreamer's land
Well, maybe they're right
It's really just a dream this life
Now that i've seen it from the other side

You've gotta' be here
In this moment
before it's gone
All you have to do is sing your song

Such a loner
Still I gotta' learn to stay in the Center of the sound
If I don't get involved
Then maybe it's better than a Needle droppin' on a broken record

Mabe I died
And came right back to life
All I know for sure is that I wanna' survive
You've gotta be here in this Moment before it's gone
All you have to do is sing your song

But you started to doubt
You made it so hard on yourself
When all you had to do was sing your song


The Great Disappearing Act - 2001
Sign Your Song - 2007

Set List

A typical set list is 10-12 songs, running 45-60 minutes.

Everyone's Getting Married
Weight of the World
Damn Town
Red Canoe
Sing Your Song
Baby, You're Gonna Fall in Love
Music Teacher
Driving All Night
Stay the Course
The Great Disappearing Act
The Underground
La La La Paradise