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Just a Walk Tonight

Written By: Kat Goldman

Just a walk tonight
In the half moonlight
with my shoes scraping the ground

It's the highs and lows
They're the cruelest blows
And it's always up and down

All the city lights
Are a guide tonight
As I pass by Mother Goose
And her fairy tales
And the freedom trail
And the red tourist caboose

oh lalalalala

All the Irish pubs
Will be closing down
And the stadium's asleep

Then the subway comes
With its marching drums
And the car halts to a screech

I'm alone tonight
I'm a firefly
And the flickering light has stopped

It's the highs and lows
They're the cruelest blows
And I just have to be tough

oh lalalalalala

Well the hip hop car
Rolls along the road
And the music man's still up

With his boom box on
Playing radio songs
So the music never stops

Will I just get by
Will I be surprised
At the promise of another day
Still i've come to find
That this city is mine
And so I think I'm gonna stay

oh lalalalala

You will never see it here, like I do
I wanted to believe in you
Believe the fairy tale would still come true