Katharina Nuttall

Katharina Nuttall


Deep/dark pop music with voice to match


Katharina Nuttall is an artist, musicproducer and composer living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Her second soloalbum ”Cherry Flavour Substitute” was released 2008 in Scandinavia on her own label Frances Records and distributed by Bonnier Amigo Music.
The European version of ”Cherry Flavour Substitute” was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the 24th of oktober 2008 and distributed by Cargo Records.
Katharina Nuttall’s album “Cherry Flavour Substitute” was nominated for The German Record Critics' Award ("Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik") and won one out of the ten “Jahrespreis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik 2009” year awards.

The Annual German Record Critics' Award
Katharina Nuttall: Cherry Flavour Substitute
Frances CD03 (Vertrieb: Cargo Records)
Für die Jury: Jan Ulrich Welke
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The most beautiful flowers often flourish invisibly. Thanks to the sensitive repertoire work of the excellent music distributor company Cargo Records, german music lovers have the pleasure of getting to know Katharina Nuttall. ‚Cherry Flavour Substitute’, the second album of the young swedish musician, released on her own label Frances Records, is a great success. On the one hand, it is melancholic, dark chamber pop, on the other hand, the eleven songs of the album glitter almost cinemascope-like orchestrated. Nuttalls voice sounds fragile and elfin, but at the same time it has the energy to be a match for stars such as Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Susan Janet Ballion (Siouxsie & The Banshees) or Polly Jean Harvey easily. An exquisite musical treasure, brilliant in every sense.

Katharina Nuttall has earlier had success as a producer with other artists and their best selling albums, she has written film music and released her solo debut album
”This Is How I Feel” in 2007.

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Take me through to your side

Written By: Music by Katharina Nuttall and lyrics by Karin Lenke and Katharina Nuttall

Take me through to your side
bring me out of here
take me for a long ride
we could go somewhere
full speed ahead on a runway with no end
take me through to your side
take me out

The water glows from moonlight
sparkles in your hair
not just another dark night
we could go somewhere
full speed ahead on a runway with no end
take me through to your side
take me out

Would you dare to see me now
dont stop
drive on
dont stop
Would you dare to see me now

Only the beginning
we dont stop until dawn
its colder so I give in
can you keep me warm

Full speed ahead .........


"Cherry Flavour Substitute" 2008, Frances/BAM in Scandinavia. Cargo records in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
"This Is How I Feel" 2007, Frances/V2/BAM in Scandinavia.
"Sidewalker" with the band Sidewalker 2005, Dustbowl/Edel in G.A.S

"Hold me" - Cherry flavour Substitute

"Place of hope" - This Is How I Feel
"Staring at the sun"

"Another kind of snow" - Sidewalker

Set List

Setlist with band:
45-60 minutes

This is how I feel
You cant hurt me now
Staring at the sun
Hold me
Dont you ever let me down
Blue Monday (cover)
A beautiful day
Place of hope
Bring me love
Shimmering light