Kath Bloom

Kath Bloom

 Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

Kath Bloom is an American singer-songwriter based in Connecticut.


Kath is some kind of legend. She comes from a special place where country, blues and folk are made beautifully translucent and emotive. She has a special gift - her almost supernaturally beautiful, wavering soprano is one that has to be heard, with a clear transparent moonlight quality that silences a room. Her songs will burn a hole straight to your soul.

Her music has been featured in Richard Linklater’s film Before Sunrise and was honored on a tribute album featuring Devendra Banhart, Bill Callahan, and Mark Kozelek. In 2010, her album Thin Thin Line was released on Mark Kozelek’s label Caldo Verde Records. Since it’s release, Kath has toured all over the US and Europe including a performance at the End of the Road Festival in England.


"Thin Thin Line" Caldo Verde Records 2010
"Loving Takes This Course - A Tribute to the songs of Kath Bloom" Chapter Music 2009
"Terror" Chapter Music 2008
"Finally" Chapter Music 2007
"Love at Work" 2001
"Come Here - The Florida Years" 1999

Kath Bloom & Loren Connors "Sing The Children Over/Sand In My Shoes" Chapter Music 2008
Kath Bloom & Loren Connors "Restless Faithful Desperate/Moonlight" Chapter Music 2009