BandJazzSpoken Word

I consider myself one of the best "Solo Studio Musician" in America today.


A variaty of alternative rock,unique and very marketable.I amDavid Guess the best one man band in the World.


Politician Man is my 11 track album, and i have released 6 other mp3 singles on the internet,i have been played on most major F.M.and some a.m. radio guest show's including college and internet ,my 11 track album is on sale amazon.com and e-store my mp3 album is soon to follow."Step'n Stone" Kiss Of Sun"Cloak And Dagger"On The Phone"Step'n Stone"jazz version/She's My Pot Of Gold"In An Angle's Eye's"are most of the tracks being played on most venues,i have domainated a few sites such as my music stream on internet unsigned chart,s.

Set List

Kiss of sun 3:07/step'n stone -jazz version 2:40/step'n stone 2:00/she's my pot of gold 3:06/cloak and dagger 2:42/in an angle's eye's 2:33/hey little misty 2:52