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kat healy


“Kat Healy....A combination of well-crafted songs, beautiful voice and delightful stage presence" ...


I was 7 yrs old when I first realized the mark on my lip. I knew it was different. I’m not sure what it was about being 7 yrs old that made me conscious of it, but I had become aware of my own physical ‘make-up’, my appearance, and I have no idea why. I could see that no-else had a mark like mine, and i could see that my teeth were definately more crooked than most. But I remember that at 7years old, I didn’t really care.

There comes a point in life when you have to realize it’s the oddities that make you who you are. A Cliche. But they are your ‘make-up’. My teeth aren’t, and never will be, ‘perfect’. And I have a mark on my lip. ‘So what’?

I was 11 years old when I realized I could sing. I knew I wanted to sing and it was just a matter of finding a way to go about it. So I would sing secretly. I would listen to old tapes. Enjoying the sound they made when it was time to turn them over, the anticipation. I loved the radio, the hiss and crackle, the blatant argument between human hand and technology whilst trying to get good reception. I enjoyed any kind of CD, soundtracks, voices, styles, words and pictures. And when I was lucky enough, and the weather was cold enough, I could sit and listen to my dads old Vinyl, savouring the moment, gently taking it out of its sleeve, placing it under the needle, watching the black circles whir round in time with the songs.

Music was fun. Music was another world, a place I could melt away into and disappear carelessly. If I liked a song then I would have it on repeat for hours, waiting until it had completely and utterly sunk into my bones.

My name is Kat Healy and I have always felt a little 'odd'. I love the colour yellow. I love Bluebells and the fact that my perfume smells like Poppies. I love finding old pairs of jeans and living in them for a while, along with wooly jumpers, and lots of hats. I smoke too much, drink too and I swear too much. I love to laugh, big, dirty, laughter from the insides. And I love to be in love, even if love makes me sad sometimes.

My room is filled with old books that lie around reminding me of something, until I'm restless. And when I’m restless I write. I scribble and stew over words and strange phrases. I get mad, and I get sad, and I wait, until whatever it is, has manifested itself somewhere inside of me, and I sit whilst it comes trickling out. Line by line. Like sand.

Maybe it’s the mark on my lip which has always made me question things in life. Characters, relationships, even losing my own mother. Everything. I wake up most days knowing that I want to see everything as it really is. No fuss. Just the reality of living and trying to live in a world amongst others, amidst a flurry of words and songs, and all the melodies.

And some days I know that I would prefer to just runaway and hide. To not look in the mirror. To not feel insecure. But its those days that make me write and want to know more, and remember more. Its those days that remind me that I have no roots ~ and that i cant afford to buy any ~ so I have a nice guitar instead.

And that does me just fine. Music does me just fine.

My name is Kat Healy and I have a CD called ‘Waiting’ ….. coming soon.….


Break Down Demo Session 1:
Break Down
Five Sides
All I Need
Frozen Smile
Burn Out

Weather Man Demo:
Devils Day
Sweet November
Another Way to Fall

'Waiting...' EP (Due for release 2008)

Set List

Anything up to 60mins solo acoustic set - OR - with FULL band line up!