Katherine Aelias Band

Katherine Aelias Band

 Ithaca, New York, USA

The Katherine Aelias Band features front woman Katherine Aelias, who is a beautiful vocalist and song writer most often favorably compared to Stevie Nicks and Grace Slick. The Katherine Aelias Band's most easily recognizable strength is in their song writing and unique musical blend. The band combines processed acoustic intruments with powerful and hypnotic rhythms which are highlighted by the mesmerizing vocals and lyrics of Katherine Aelias.


  The Katherine Aelias Band is a musical couple collaboration that ranges from a dynamic duo  to a 6 piece full band at times. Katherine and Bo Aelias live in Costa Rica most of the year, where they perform lovely acoustic rock and ballads to international audiences every week (as well as loyal ex-pat fans). They began their musical journey over a bistro dinner, years ago, when Katherine had yet to sing a song or play an instrument, when they vowed to name their future band (a joke at the time) after a bizarre menu item. A year later, Katherine picked up her first instrument, a mandolin, and began writing songs. The Lindenberry Beat Reduction was born. After releasing their first album, "Topless with Mandolins", the band changed its name to "The Katherine Aelias Band" due to their fans inability to get the name right. Through the years, KAB has released four albums, using contributions from various talented musicians, while always maintaining its signature sound featuring Katherine's mesmerizing vocals, Katherine and Bo's relevant song writing, backed by both ethereal and rhythmic acoustic instruments. They are currently working on their 5th album in collaboration with virtuoso cellist Hank Roberts, due to be released in 2016.


Topless with Mandolins (2000, as Lindenberry Beat Reduction)

Coming Undone (2002)

Ripped at the Seams (2006)

Damaged Goods (2009)