Katherine Day

Katherine Day

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Ingrid Michaelson meets the Black Rebel Motorcycle club in a teepee in Neil Young's backyard.


Raised on Chicago Blues and Neil Young, refined on classical piano, multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter Katherine Day brings it all to the table. From her intricate but rootsy fingerpicking style on guitar and banjo to her impressive piano chops and soulful harmonica playing, Katherine leaves the listener wondering what exactly she CAN'T do. Her contemplative yet poignant songwriting is tailored for the strong of heart and mind, and her unique voice carries her timeless melodies in such a way that they are felt as much as heard by the audience. Born and raised near Chicago and primed at Boston's Berklee College of Music, Day now resides in Nashville where she can be seen gigging with band's ranging from blues to alt rock to country on instruments ranging from banjitar to accordion. But while her style and technique backing other artists is impressively versatile, her own songs all reek of the same sweet, quiet aggression present in great female artists from Feist to Gillian Welch. With the release of her debut solo EP, Sunny's Sister, Katherine Day can be seen touring the U.K., the Midwest, and the Western U.S. throughout the summer of 2010.


Sunny's Sister EP - 2010