Katherine Howell

Katherine Howell


Simple & Unique describes Katherine Howell. She is a vocalist, pianist, songwriter whose music comes from her soul. Diverse artist that loves to pour passion into her lyrics and music! Alot of blues/jazz with a soulful edge to contemporary pop to more traditional sounds.


Kathy has been involved in music from a very early age. She started singing at age five and playing piano at age eight. Her parents, both singers and musicians, showed her what they knew and she took it from there. She never had music lessons of any kind, but had a great love for music. At age nine, she started singing with her parents and brother. They soon began singing at many different churches and social functions across the southeast and they continued this for many years. Since she didn't read notes that often, she picked out songs by ear. Soon that became her “way” of playing - Listen to the music and then just play it! She learned to love creating new melodies and at the age of ten, she wrote her first song.
At age thirteen, she took her music to a new level. She started listening to tapes of pianist and singers for hours—replaying the same songs over and over again. After playing after different pianists and learning from different singers, she soon developed her own style. At age thirteen she became the pianist at her church. At the age of fifteen, Kathy started a trio consisting of her thirteen-year old brother (David Sutherland) and a nineteen-year old friend (Jeannie Hill). They sang together for four years. At sixteen years old, she started giving piano lessons (teaching how to play by ear) and began leading the youth choir at her church.
Over the years she has been church pianist for three different churches. She has directed three different church youth choirs. Kathy has also helped direct music programs in Vacation Bible School and Church Youth Camp. She is now 25 years old and still loves music as much as ever. Her styles range from jazz, blues, soul, pop, to more traditional sounds! Kathy recorded her first album at Maxwell Recording Studio in Athens, Georgia (with Mark Maxwell producing the cd). She completed the album (titled “Just the Way I Am”) in July 2006. The cd was released in August 2006. She is currently a student at UGA majoring in Business and minoring in Music Business.


Your Love

Written By: Katherine Howell

1—Like the fragrance of that one perfect rose, like the brilliance of a rainbow. No nothing can match it, or explain it, oh, no. No none can compare with your love.

2—Like that pure, white snow on a Christmas Eve. Like the colors of those fallen leaves. No nothing can match it, or explain it, oh, no. No none can compare with your love.

3—Like the flowers pushing up through the ground. Like the butterfly whose wings’ have been found. No nothing can match it, or explain it, oh no. No none can compare with your love.

Cho—And your love, is so beautiful. Like the clear summer day after the rain. And your love is so wonderful, like the water still after the waves. And your love is so amazing; no words can express what I have to say. But marvelous, matchless – Your love is so amazing to me.

The Very Last

Written By: Katherine Howell

1—Flipping through my picture book, remembering long ago. Old home places, loving faces, scenes I recall. Then I pray don’t let these memories fade from me. For the lessons that they taught are what makes a worthwhile legacy.

1st Cho—For they lived each as if it was their very last…And with their hands in yours, they did the best, Lord, that they could do.

2—Just today, in a different way, new memories were made. Good and bad, some happy and sad, moments frozen in space. Oh, but this time it is I who am the one. Whose life is the example for those who now will carry on.

Cho—So, I’ll live each day as if it was my very last. And I’ll be a servant to others, forget what’s been in the past. And I’ll love my neighbor, cherish my friends, my precious family. And with my hand in yours, I’ll be the best, Lord, that I can be.

Bridge—Those little eyes, they are watching you, doing whatever you dream up to do. So, what kind of legacy will you have left. When those little feet have followed in your footsteps…

Just The Way I Am

Written By: Katherine Howell

Verse 1
Here I stand, so weak and frail. Without you, I’m just an empty shell. Of human weaknesses, I’m praying, Lord, please, take me as I am.

Verse 2
I come before you just a common man. It’s only by your strength I stand. So unworthy of your love, so, Lord, please, take me as I am.

Verse 3
I humble myself in your eyes. Exposing everything, nothing to hide. ‘Cause you see down inside my heart, so, Lord, take me as I am.

Critics blame and skeptics point out all my flaws. But thru it all, you see down deep inside my heart. In spite of best intentions, I still have imperfections. And when I try so hard, but miss the mark.

You know me, yet you love me. Why it is, no I just don’t understand. You know me, yet you love me. There’s no way that I can comprehend. Why you have been there, thru all my faults and failures. You have held my hand. You know me, yet you love me. Just the way I am.

Potter Never Gives Up

Written By: Katherine Howell

1—I look into the mirror and I see what he has done. Instead of my reflection, I see God’s own son. But when finding imperfection, that is when I see. The potter is not finished yet, he’ll never give up on me.

1st Cho—Still he molds me and makes me. With skillful hands he shapes me. Creating a vessel he can use. And still he keeps me and leads me. With a still small voice he guides my way… ‘Cause I know, the potter never gives up on the clay.

2—Just a lump of clay, in the potters hands. He fashions out of nothing what no other can. His handiwork is perfect, he paints a pattern of love. And when his works completed you will know, why he never gave up.

2nd Cho—Still he’ll mold you and makes you. With skillful hands he’ll shape you. Creating a vessel he can use. And still he’ll keeps you and lead you. With a still small voice he’ll guide your way… ‘Cause I know, the potter never gives up on the clay.

Bridge—You may criticize and you may find some flaw. But in time, you will find, this potter is still working on us all.

3rd Cho—Still he molds us and make us. With skillful hands he’ll shape us. Creating those vessels he can use. And still he’ll keeps us and leads us. With a still small voice he’ll guide our way… ‘Cause I know, the potter never gives up on the clay.

Secret Place

Written By: Katherine Howell

1—There is no place that his loving hand cannot reach. Though burdens drive you to the depths, and you wander aimlessly. But when hope’s faded all away, you need someone to light your way. To answer your cry, to hear your plea. He’ll open your eyes, and then you’ll see…

2—My enemies have surrounded me once again. Hell’s darts have pierced my soul, shot by my so-called friends. So, in my times of deep despair. I need someone to really care. To hold me close, to rescue me. My eyes are opened, then I see…

Cho—There is a secret place prepared just for me and you. A tower of strength that I, can run into. Oh, a cleft in the rock where I can hide, a shelter from the stormy tide. A secret place within the arms of god.

If It Had Not Been

Written By: Katherine Howell

1—I was going down for the last time. Hope had fled, no relief in sight. Joy long gone, sorrow stole my song, peace had mounted wings and flown. Then a gentle wind blew, the scene changed. Suddenly, I knew everything would be okay. Heaven opened up a brighter day. Heaven help me, was what I said. Then a still small voice said I was his.

2—Now, I’m on the mountaintop again. Drinking from the fountain cool and clear. Then trouble came, trials knew my name. Burdens found me, circumstances changed. Heaven help me, was what I cried. Then a still small voice said “Child, you are mine. And I’ll always be here on time.”

Cho—If it had not been for the Lord on my side. Tell me, where would I be, oh, where would I be? There’s just no way that I’d be here tonight. If he’d not found me. Oh, where would I be?

Bridge—Oh, where would I be, where would I be. If it had not been for him. In a gutter cold, on a dead-end road. If it had not been for him. At the end of my rope, living life with no hope. Lost alone and afraid, losing hold of my faith. If it had not been for him. Oh, where would you be, where would you be. If it had not been.

Lord Build Our House

Written By: Katherine Howell

1—Dear, Lord do what you must, to make our house your home. Not what man would build, but a place to call your own. A family built by God, is all our heart’s desire. And more of you to keep us standing right.

2—Dear, Lord do what you must, to construct it by thy word. Though harsh winds may blows, still in faith it will stand sure. In holiness we’ll grow, then our family will see. That our habitation was fashioned only by thee.

Cho—Oh, Lord, make our home a place where you can dwell. Build it firm and strong, it’ll stand against the stormy gale. Erect it in thy Spirit, let the world stand in awe. For if the Lord builds our house, it will not fall.


Album titled "Just The Way I Am" released in August of 2006.
Single titled "Just The Way I Am" debuted on the "Gospel Music News" chart at #44 in April of 2007.

Set List

Set times vary according to slot
Do mostly original songs (written by Kathy), but sometimes start with known songs