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"Tell Me"

Written By: Katherine Norkus

Tell Me
Written by: Katherine Norkus ®

Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t let you go
Tell me something I really don’t know
Tell me not what I want to hear but what you truly fear

I want to see you once again
Not just something that I pretend
Our worlds are so far apart
That its something that would be so hard to start

Tell me I really need to know
Do I wait or do I let you go
Tell me I’m doing the right thing
And that it wasn’t just a fling

Tell me I’m crazy for having fun
When everything was new and just begun
Tell me you miss that convertible ride
Where the winter wind made us so alive

Our lives are changing so fast
But I can’t forget our past
I wait for you to come back
My life feels so off track


When you were here
I wanted you to be near
Now that you’re gone everything feels so wrong
Although you can’t stay with me
Let’s take a day to just make believe
We’ll pretend how our mornings would be
How the nights would end
With only you and me

I don’t know which path to take
I know that is a decision only I can make
I’m longing to know what you’re decision will be