Katherine Pohl

Katherine Pohl


Katherine Pohl is a singer-songwriter based out of New York. Her emotional and honest songwriting and passionate voice come together to tell stories of lost love and hope in unlikely places. More than anything, she enjoys performing and bringing her insight to others through music.


Katherine Pohl is a singer-songwriter originally from upstate New York. She has been singing all her life, and writing almost as long. Having been immersed in everything from musical theatre to The Beatles as a child, she found using her imagination to create her own compositions both a thrill and a challenge. After taking up the piano and guitar, she began composing original songs about any and all subjects, her relationships and the city of Boston particular favorites in recent years. She graduated the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2007, and compiled an album of original material, fondly titled "From Boston," which was independently released in 2011. Katherine's lyrical prowess and dynamically gymnastic voice have granted her the ability to relay her experiences in a creative and emotional way to audiences throughout the northeast. She is hoping to continue sharing her music for years to come, bringing her absolute love for music to listeners far and wide, and connecting with people who hold the same passion she possesses.


From Boston -- March 2011

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Set List

Stand By Me -- Ben E. King
Going Going Gone -- Katherine Pohl
Ghosts -- Laura Marling
It's You -- Katherine Pohl
Eleanor Rigby -- The Beatles
Oceans Deep -- Katherine Pohl
The Story -- Brandi Carlile
Better Man -- James Morrison
Danger -- Katherine Pohl
Long Ride Home -- Patty Griffin
Bittersweet -- Katherine Pohl
Big Yellow Taxi -- Joni Mitchell