Katherine Schell

Katherine Schell


Katherine's rare talent mixes trained instrumentalist, poetic flow and sharp charisma with a straight-from-the-soul alternative rock, blues and classical sound that will touch your heart and won't leave your head.


The origins of her music are deeply rooted in the varied experiences of Katherine Schell’s very unique life. Growing up in the industrial town of Bay City, Michigan, Katherine rightly earned a reputation of not being “just another pretty face.” An eclectic blend of blues, alternative rock and classical style, Katherine introduces a new sound full of contemporary meaning and heart. The brilliance of her lyrics combines with her mastery of the piano to beautifully translate emotion into a uniquely flavored sound. Backed by the soft yet thunderous resonance of The Emergency, the two styles unite to form a masterpiece.

Katherine Schell is signed with Recessive Gene Records. To learn more visit www.recessivegenerecords.com


Emptier Streets

Written By: Katherine Schell

I’m ready to act on this
And all these chemical reactions hit
You don’t acknowledge it
Too afraid of what you’ll miss

Numbers and sentences
Together make no sense
Measured emotionless
It’s no coincidence

Beautiful red lights
Beautiful shine

Between your appointments
You’re gonna go walking
With me for enjoyment
On emptier streets

There’s so much more than this
Beyond this burning bridge
Commit to crossing it
And I’ll keep my promises

All the things we’ve never said
All the secret time we spent
Locked up inside my head
Ever since the day we met

Though our eyes have spoken volumes
Those words we couldn’t say
But it’s a long way home without you
And the traffic won’t wait

Take Me As I Am

Written By: Katherine Schell

Only if these walls could talk
Spit out all your closet thoughts
I would sing your secret song
Pushing notes you wrote me wrong

Scream your words
Prove my worth

I’m your puppet put to shame
Hanging on your wall of fame
Automated fingers play
Show me where to sign my name

Take me as I am

My heart can’t beat your deadline
Clicking on the track of time
I don’t want to fall behind
Make you think I never tried

Hanging high, swinging left to right

Come to Me

Written By: Katherine Schell

I hear the words fade into time
They echo through the world below
I wish I had the reasons why
If only heaven couldn’t grow

Would eyes be open? Would hands hold on?
Would loving you be right or wrong?

Come to Me.
This silence brings endless tears.
Unravel me.
I won’t be falling from an ending
If you come to me

Every moment’s marked with truth
The truth you find within your soul
It’s not that easy to believe you
But the memory will always hold

The way you held me, the way you cried
When you knew you’d have to say goodbye

Come to Me.
This silence brings endless tears.
Unravel me.
I won’t be falling from an ending
If you come to me

Now I’m burning a candle for you.
I see an angel shining through

Come to Me.
This silence brings endless tears.
Unravel me.
I won’t be falling from an ending
If you come to me.


Sample CD (Spring 2005)
Emptier Streets, Full-length Studio Album (September 2005)

Set List

1. Paced
2. Come To Me
3. Emptier Streets
4. Next Holiday
5. Rest Assured
6. Take Me As I Am
7. On My Own
8. The Gravity Situation
9. We Are Like Stargazers
10. Imagineer
11. These Long Days
12. Do What You Have To Do (Sarah McLaughlin Cover)