Katherine Thorne

Katherine Thorne

 Los Angeles, California, USA

My music is meant to be light-hearted, fun, dare I say sexy, and sometimes touching. My goal is to make something that people in general can relate to.


I love pop. My biggest influences have been artists like Ace of Base, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and some rock artists. I am really interested in the idea of combining the hardcore aspects of rock (like Nine Inch Nails) with the song structure and singing style of artists like Britney Spears. Laughter and fun are extremely important to me. I try hard to use that in my music.


Chicks this Mean - EP
SexyCam - Single
All I Wanted - Single
Dance - Single
Ninety Two Point Seven - Single
Nastiness Infiltration - Single
Totally Biological - Single
I Liked You - Single

Set List

Set List - I Liked You, Nastiness Infiltration, Show Me How, Love Song, Ninety Two Point Seven, Dance, All I Wanted.

This set would be about half an hour.