Kathi Burg

Kathi Burg

 San Diego, California, USA

A folk influenced, pop-rock inspired singer-songwriter. Kathi's debut solo album, Sun In Rain, is a collection of eleven tracks that speak to the heart. Featuring folky and soulful lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keys, and lush backing vocals.


Kathi Burg has been writing songs for the better part of two decades, and performing throughout Southern California since the late 1990s.

Kathi’s appreciation for music began at a very early age. Having parents with varying musical tastes exposed Kathi to wide a variety of artists and genres. Elton John and Bernie Taupin top her list of those most influential in the area of songwriting, and R&B artist Lou Rawls as a vocalist who would leave a lasting impression.

Although songwriting would eventually become her focus, Kathi's early creativity was nurtured through dance lessons at a local dance academy. A love for the art seemed to evolve naturally when while rehearsing for a performance of The Mexican Hat Dance with her kindergarten class, an inner voice said, "This is what I'm going to do...perform!"

While dance became a passion, writing also began to emerge as a promising avenue of self expression, and Kathi began filling notebooks with pages of poetry. Having a piano in the house made it easy to begin the process of putting lyric to melody.

Kathi's pursuit of dance carried on into college where she majored in Dance Choreography at San Francisco State University. At the same time her interest in songwriting also continued to evolve. She soon discovered rehearsal rooms in the Music department with lone pianos, which offered her a prime opportunity to write. Although her love of dance never faded, the gravitation towards songwriting was strong, and Kathi felt inspired to "say something" through her art.

After a brief college career, Kathi moved back to her hometown of San Diego, California where she met aspiring musician, John Suzano. The two began a collaboration that would last the next several years. The collaboration grew to add bass player Tim Burg, and The Kathi Burg Band was formed.

Over the next several years, the Band would play at popular San Diego venues (Coors Amphitheater, Humphrey's Backstage Lounge), coffeehouses, churches, fairs & festivals, and would record three albums ("The Making of Easy” (2003), "Acoustic Album" (2001), "All Those Things Thought On and Hoped For" (1999)).

The Band received favorable reviews from critics, with Les Reynolds from Indie-Music.com describing Kathi's sound as "as fluid as one gets" and alerting listeners that they would be "reduced to a mere puddle" at the sound of her voice. "Kathi Burg's voice is gorgeous," wrote Amy Lotsberg with CollectedSounds.com, "I could listen to her sing all day."

With the group disbanding in the mid-2000s, Kathi found herself eager to work on a solo project. Over the next few years, she would write a small library of songs, eleven of which would make up her latest album, "Sun In Rain". The record would employ a group of studio musicians, along with recording engineer Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Fiona Apple) and be released on Kathi's own record label, LOF (Leap of Faith) Records.

"Sun In Rain" combines Kathi's folky/soulful lead vocals, rich harmonies, acoustic and electric guitar, keys, drums and percussion, with lyrics that reflect faith, hope, and struggle. The album has been described as a mix of folk and spirituality by Chuck Dauphin at MusicNewsNashville.com, who writes, "Burg mines both of those musical extremes for good cause," and adds, "...with everything that we go through these days...we need hope. Music like this can provide that hope."

Since the release of "Sun In Rain", Kathi has opened for INO recording artist Phil Wickham, shared the bill with artists Severin Browne (Motown), John Batdorf, and Marty Mitchell, and appeared at the popular yearly event, "Spirit West Coast" (Barlow Girl, Jars of Clay). Her songs have aired on internet radio stations such as ElijahStreams, Women of Substance, and Anointed Soundz, and her music has been added to the popular streaming music website, Pandora.

In Fall 2011, Kathi joined the worship ministry at Grace Point church in San Diego and at the same time is continuing to follow her solo pursuits.

Kathi resides in San Diego with her husband of 15 years and their 21 lb Russian Blue mix cat, “Clover”.



Written By: Kathi Burg


Was I meant to be this ordinary
Was I meant to walk the street with an ordinary face
Was I meant to dwell in these ordinary places…or was I meant to be great
Was I meant to wear these ordinary clothes, or think these ordinary thoughts
Was I meant to carry ordinary things…or is there more I’m s’pose to be

Wasn’t I meant to wear Joseph’s coat…or Solomon’s beautiful robe
To be a king like David, a prophet like Samuel…or an enduring, faithful Job

Was I meant to walk this concrete and pavement
Was I meant to not hear the songs of the birds in the trees
Was I meant to push away the very hand of God
Was I meant to ignore these things


Well, you see I thought my shoes wouldn’t touch the ground
That I’d fly high, shine light others hadn’t found
That I’d be perfect in His sight, inspire awe…


Real Good

Written By: Kathi Burg


You were a desperate man or so you said
You did all you could or so you say you did
We meant the world to you, “Oh, didn’t you know?”
Day we were born was the best day of your life

Well, why didn’t we matter more than what you’d forget
And why didn’t we matter more than a drink in your hand
Oh, why didn’t we matter much as children can…
I guess when you left we saw the man

She put her head into her hands
Didn’t look up ‘til night fell again
Tucked us in beneath a heavy heart
Said her prayers and left in the dark


Wanted you to know I’m doin’ fine
Your son, my brother, left these words behind
Said he knew you did the best you could
But better than that would have been real good…


Swallowing Blue

Written By: Kathi Burg


Sometimes the pain gets too great and I have no wisdom to share
Sometimes I think that I’m the only one who knows what’s going on in here

Cause you can come but you won’t get too close
Cause I have built these walls so high they’re daunting to most
You can try, oh won’t you try…‘cause I can’t live an island here, all my life

When I was a little girl I think I spent too much time alone
I practiced my new discipline scolding innocence by withdrawing my love

You can shout, but I won’t listen
You are aiming right at me and missing my person
And I’m so sorry they did this to you too
You were swimming to the surface swallowing blue (2X)

And I’m so sorry they did this to you too
You were swimming to the surface swallowing blue…

Tiny Man

Written By: Kathi Burg


Tiny man, what are you gonna do
With all that wisdom and no one to talk to
And their hearts reveal all those footprints from the bottom of your shoe

Tiny soul, what are you gonna do
When you’re the only one in your house
Listenin’ to that mouse in the middle of the night and he finds your cupboards bare

You’re so small
Puff yourself up so no one can see you’re just like me
You’re so scared put on those glasses, cover your eyes and fool the masses

Tiny man, what are you gonna do
When “family” becomes a two-letter word
And the “I” in “Me”-s only enough for you
And it’s not living up to all you’ve heard


Thought I was right, must have been wrong
Now I am by myself and so short-sighted
Must have been weak, thought I was strong
Now I am by myself and ready…


Thought I was right, must have been wrong
Now I am by myself and ready…

Real To Me

Written By: Kathi Burg

(Based on Psalm 88)

Oh, heavenly Father, I awaken from sleep
And I am terrified…You hide Your face from me
Oh, heavenly Father, please hear my cry
I’ve spread out my hands to You…

Sometimes I can’t see through the clouds and the dust
And the rain falls so hard, rain falls so hard
I can’t see through the doubt and the dark
But I’m fighting so hard, fighting so hard
To feel You, to know You, to see You, to hear You

I call You my Savior…I know You’re my Friend…
But I’ve cried out to You… both day and night
Father hear my prayer…


And I am a man without strength… like the slain, who lie in the grave
And I am cut off from Your hand…in dark places, in the depths…
(Be real, be real to me…be real, be real to me…)