Kathleen Burgoon

Kathleen Burgoon


Kathleen Burgoon and her international band bring a fun and classy combination of Blues, Alternative Rock, Soul and Jazz. Each set is a unique musical journey guided by original songs, covers, and stories from Kathleen's World Tour, leading you deeper into this acclectic band's world.


Kathleen Burgoon recently returned to California after traveling the world as an Original Cast Member of 'Artist of SilverSea' where she sang in Production Shows as well as her own cabaret featuring songs from her debut album “Far From Yesterday”. Kathleen's band is an acclectic group she's collected from around the world who push through language barriers to communicate through what connects us all: MUSIC. Kathleen Burgoon began her musical journey at a young age, attending San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (much like the school in "Fame") and continued her training at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has been writing songs and poetry since adolecence. Far From Yesterday is a concept album, which takes the listener through the journey of love- beginning with infatuation and discovery, and ending with pain and renewal. Kathleen has begun working on her second album, which she wrote while on her World Tour. This band has a unique story that unfolds for each audience and a desire to share and entertain the world.


Can We Be Open?
Being You
Inside A Dream
Far From Yesterday
Hardly Breathe
Living For Me
Your Storm
Again Someday
Holding On
Ready To Love Again
Hold On Remix by DJ Bossa Nova

Set List

Kathleen Burgoon's Set List is recatered to each gig. Because the band works with so many genres and has performed for many venues that favors one genre, they focus on giving each audience a special show just for them.