Kathleen June

Kathleen June


A multi-instrumental sound created by a solo artist. Assembled with a loop station, the songs are mostly electronic with a hint of acoustic instruments and percussion, topped off with prominent layered vocals.




Tree Fort

Written By: Kathleen June

Let's go climb that tree
Let's build a fort in it and call it our new home,
Let's dig a quinzhee
Heat from each others body will keep us warm.

Let your heart beat faster.
Run after your love and call it tag.
These petty things, they won't matter.
Cut those barbed-wire strings.
Just Play.

This unfortunate situation has got us all blind.

No need to be so rational,
Really, it looks like your head just might expode.
Take a load off you wild thing...
For just one night, let go.

This unfortunate situation has got us all blind.

Butcher Knife

Written By: Kathleen June

Last night, i had this dream:
you were trying to kill me.
But I won't be fooled again,
you have already killed me once before.

Oh baby. Ain't it such a shame?
Ha! That butcher knife, it don't scare me.
Since I have no beating heart, how do you suppose,
I'll ever bleed out?

You should have just taken my breath.

The other night I had that dream.
And ever since then, it has left me alone.
Bought a ticket to Halifax to fool you, to fool you...
but you found out. And you found me.

Oh baby, ain't it such a shame?
Eek! Now that chainsaw, it scares me.
My new man has built me a new heart...
and I can't stand to lose it again.

You should have just taken my breath.

Exponential Decay

Written By: Kathleen June

This year.
Oh, it was whithering away.
Just like the one before, the one before,
Exponential Decay.

Wasting every little thing from day to day.
Anxiety, the need to break free,
but staying in one place.

The first day of of spring, I stopped whithering away.
Three months into it and angel said:
"baby, this was the day."

Late nights and miles of lamp-posts couldn't keep me away.
An angel is always too good, but I'll go along for the ride anyway.

The best thing since they made slices out of bread? More like the best thing since the invention of man, baby.
Little do you know I'm writing you this song, and every line I'm worried that you'll drop the bomb on me.

This year, oh it was whithering away.
Just like the one before, the one before...
Exponential Decay.


3 song EP titled Equinox.
1) Treefort
2) Butcher Knife
3) Exponential Decay

Set List

For now, the set consists of half originals and half covers. However, the covers usually don't sound much like the originals; I usually take a completely different approach. As my original music becomes better known, I'll work more of my original songs into the set.

Covers & Description:

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve: All original instrumental parts mimicked vocally. Main vocals over top. Fully vocal using a looping station.
Don't Speak - No Doubt: Piano Performance.
Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine: Compilation of electronic music with layered harmonizing vocals.
Hurt - Nine Inch Nails: Piano Cover
Self Esteem - the Offspring: piano cover.
Think of Me - Phantom of the Opera: acoustic guitar cover.
Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra: the song played during the opening credits of Kill Bill. Done on Tremolo Wurly Keyboard.

Tree Fort: Electronic, happy, dance-like song. Done with the looping station. Crowd-pleasing.
Butcher Knife: Electronic with a small Acousti