Frederick, Maryland, USA

Katholicus provides a guitar-dominated power rock sound reminiscent of the melodic hard rock sounds of the big arena bands from the 80s and 90s, but with a contemporary twist. However, the lyrical themes of Katholicus are positive and motivational for the soul.


Katholicus (pronounced: Ka-th-li-kus) provides a guitar-dominated commercially oriented rock sound of both Christian rock-praise music and music to edify and motivate, and features catchy power-pop melodies over top strong power chords and lots of double guitar leads. Some might call it melodic hard rock that harkens back to the big rock style of the 1980s. Others may think of it as arena rock. Either way, it is high energy rock with a message good for the soul.

The songs of Katholicus have been described as "epic" and "dramatic" in their feel and impact upon the listener. "A rich drama between guitars and vocal harmonies," as described by Kyle Crosby of "Rock for Life." "Energy with sobriety," as described by David SMith of Icon Music Studios. Katholicus is "the Petra of Catholic music": Grape Vine Online/Catholic Music Express, June, 2010.

Katholicus is Adam Miller and friends. The guitarist, singer, and songwriter for Katholicus, Adam Miller, was formerly the lead guitarist and song writer for numerous unsigned bands including: Iron Cross (1975), Wanted (1976-78), Atom (1978-79), Wysh (1980-82), Shockwave (1985, 1986-1990), Both Worlds (1985-86), RPM (1991-94), and now Katholicus (2005-). Miller studied guitar formally (both classical and jazz-fusion) for five years. In the past he has recorded in a number of studios along the East Coast, and has toured from the Atlantic to the Rockies.

Miller has been influenced by such guitar greats as Phil Keaggy, Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth, Ritchie Blackmore, Vinnie Moore, and Steve Morse, but his music sounds like none of them. It is in his guitar solos where you can hear such influences. He also has been told that in two of his songs his guitar solos sound like those of Stratovarius guitarist, Timmi Tolkki. In the solos of other songs you can hear the influence of the other guitarists mentioned. This means that those who may not be inclined to listen to the Catholic/Christian rock genre, but appreciate these and other guitar greats, will also enjoy the music of Katholicus.

Millers hard rock group of the 1980s, Shockwave, was offered an opportunity to sign by a Geffen A & R rep back in 1987, but they turned it down. Says Adam, "We would have been 'raped,' both financially and of our honor, had we accepted and submitted to their conditions We decided to keep our souls." Miller has written hundreds of songs and has recorded more than seventy in various studios on the East Coast.

Miller used to jam with former Danzig lead guitarist, John Christ, when they were teenagers in the late seventies and early eighties. Says Miller, "Yes, I taught John Christ a few guitar riffs. He is younger than I, and back then looked up to me as a guitarist."

Millers latest project, Katholicus, provides an electric guitar-dominated commercially oriented power rock sound which features catchy power-pop melodies and lots of double guitar leads. The music of Katholicus has been described like a kick back to the 80's big rock sound, yet with a modern twist. Good stuff.
-Christian Rockers Online (March, 2007)

Our song, "Dona Nobis Pacem," has been chosen for the 2011 Rocking Romans "Best of New Catholic Music."

Our songs, "Pull Me Through" and "Follow the Light" have been chosen for the first ever Catholic Metal compilation CD: "Prasing Him Loudly, Vol. I"

Our song, "Fly On His Wings," from the new CD "Arise" has been chosen to appear on a number of compilation CDs:

-Rocking Romans (Best of New Catholic Music, 2008);
-Glory Rock, Vol. 1/2 (Versailles Records);
-Faith Rocks, Vol II (Celebrate Radio)

The upbeat song, The Gift (from the No Greater Love CD) is one of the featured songs on the successful compilation CD by Spirit Wing Records, Catholic Music 2007.

Many more CD releases are planned by Katholicus. So stay tuned.


The Gift -single (Featured on Spirit Wing Records compilation CD -Catholic Music 2007)

Fly On His Wings -single: featured on the following compilation CDs:
- Glory Rock, Vols. 1 & 2 (Versailes Records)
- Faith Rocks II (Celebrate Radio)
- Rocking Romans: Best of New Catholic Music 2008

No Greater Love -LP (March, 2006)
No Greater Love -single
The Gift -single

Upon This Rock -LP (June, 2007)
Dona Nobis Pacem -single
Live For the One -single

Arise! -LP (April, 2008)
Fly On His Wings -single
Arise! -single
Never Be Alone -single
The Answer -digital single (2008)

Pull Me Through -digital single (2009)
There's A Home -digital single (2009)

The Calling -LP (Jan. 2010)