Kathryn Baker

Kathryn Baker


Kathryn has reached top 10 status in New Zealand with her first debut single "delight" with numerous interviews on BFM and KiwiFM he debut album Distrait is a sure winner, with a string a videos and singles due out in 2008. Kathryn was lead singer song writer of the NZ band VADE.


Influences - Sigur Ros, Ben Harper, RadioHead, Sufjan Stevens...

Sets me apart? The production work on the album is a completely different sound and genre that is slowly coming about in the NZ indie scene. Kathryn is not your typical "girl" singer song writer, she rocks out and has some mind bending lyrics that get you thinking about the important things in life (example: suicide, importance of friends and family etc etc)

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Coins Coitus Control

Written By: Kathryn Baker

Numbly ruined by routine
Grasping after the glory of a faded dream

Sunken sockets weep
For the soul is sick of life foiled
In futile pursuit of loot

Was it for this your bright youth flashed out your eyes?
For coins, for coitus, or for control?

What are you doing?
What have you done?
Don’t continue on
There must be some other way

Mourning a Brother

Written By: Kathryn Baker

Sweet innocence, everything’s new
If ever a duo, we were the two

A gazing, star-crossed lover, found you here
Way back when you had no reason to fear

My tears speak louder
My tears speak louder
My tears speak louder
I’m mourning a brother who’s still alive

Mornings keep turning into afternoons
I try denying that we are through
Attempt to work it one thousand ways
I can’t contain this again

Dont Forget Me

Written By: Kathryn Baker

I deserve nothing You can offer me
Yet You deliver me
Such filth was always mine to bear
Now resting on the nails and the spear
You think I’m loyal, You think I’m lively
You hide me in the fold of Your cloak
When I have already betrayed Thee
In heart, I’ve betrayed Thee in part

Yet you deliver me

I want you, I die for you
Grasping at splinters trying to grab your attention
You mention that you care a little less than yesterday
I seem to melt away before your shaded eyes
Jaded I become a whisper that turns to a scream

Don’t forget me
I’m this life’s only chance


Vade EP

Both Cd's are available on over 150 digital stores nationwide, and you can visit the following sites for video and music:


Set List

Set list:

Moral Apathy
Silence Crashes
Dont Forget Me
Mourning a Brother
**Cover "Muse" Hysteria