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Kathryn Keats

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"If you want to merely hear some tunes, there are many people who will do. If you want a real experience in music, there is Kathryn Keats." Gil Gross ABC Radio


KATHRYN KEATS is a soulful singer and prolific songwriter.
You can find more about Kathryn's music and her life story, which has allowed her to be of service to many, in national and local media, including: The Oakland Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, Broadway World, Reader's Digest, NPR, The Gil Gross Show, The Montel Williams Show, and The Mancow Muller Show, NPR and Woman Magazine, UK.

Keats is co-writing and recording a new CD with acclaimed producer and drummer, Narada Michael Walden, Tarpan Records in Marin County, Ca. Walden says, "Kat is bringing the message of hope, light, love and faith to people's lives." Walden says. "I am proud of her and her divine mission."

Gil Gross, Host of The Gil Gross Show – KGO Radio, ABC "I have loved Kathryn Keats music from the day I first heard her sing, but even being a fan of her recordings did not prepare me for seeing her perform live. She is a great live performer holding her audience willing captives to each turn of a melody and the drama of every lyric. She more than sings. She inhabits a song and involves each member of the audience in its drama, joy or sorrow. There are performers for whom a performance is a night out. When Kathryn performs it’s a lifetime shared with us in a single evening. If you want to merely hear some tunes, there are many people who will do. If you want a real experience in music, there is Kathryn Keats.

Kathryn's current show, The Kathryn Keats Show, features a who’s who list of world-renowned musicians: Grammy-Nominated Bassist, Michael Manring; Album of the Year Winner, Trumpeter, Jeff Oster; Master Percussionist, Joe Venegoni; Guitar Virtuoso, Tom Lattanand; Critically Acclaimed Pianist, Kelly Park; Celebrated Flutist, Barbara Else; and from the Steve Winwood Band, Brazilian-born Drummer, Celso Alberti.

Kathryn Keats has played a variety of venues, including the renowned Yoshi's Oakland Jazz Club, the Bitter End and Symphony Space in New York City, the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, the Plush Room and the Fairmont in San Francisco, as well as Mill Valley's premier showcase, the Throckmorton Theatre, Theatre on the Square, the Beacon Theatre, Great American Music Hall,The Mint, The Fairmont, to name a few.

Keats has been involved with music since the age of five, working as a teenager with such legends as Tennessee Ernie Ford, Loretta Lynn and Word Baker. She initially studied at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM). Her studio work has included soundtracks and recordings for various media producers.

KATHRYN KEATS’ “After the Silence”, is available at www.kathrynkeats.com and Amazon; or download additional Kathryn Keats’ CD's at i-Tunes, Amazon and Rhapsody.


MICHAEL MANRING – This Grammy nominated artist and Bassist of the Year winner is hailed by many as the world's leading solo bassist. www.manthing.com

JOE VENEGONI – Award winning composer, musical director, and master percussionist. He has received International critical acclaim on the Multiphase and Water Lily Acoustics record labels. www.myspace.com/joevenegoni

CELSO ALBERTI – Brazilian born drummer for such artists as Craig Chaquico, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim, Jose Neto, Stef Burns and most recently, the legendary Steve Winwood. www.celsoalberti.com

KELLY PARK – Former faculty member at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he received the "Mercer Ellington Jazz Masters Award" for his performance mastery of piano, vibes and drums. www.kellyparkmusic.com


Kathryn Keats, "After the Silence" 2007 Keats Publishing / BMI
"Make It Last" 2009 Keats Publishing / BMI "Into the Light" Keats Publishing / BMI "Slow My Mind Down" Keats Publishing / BMI
"Hold Me" / BMI "Going Home" "Every Time I See You" "Tender Highway" Ace of Hearts" "Mark" "Peephole" and more have been played on radio and the web.

Set List

Original Concert. Set List, Demo Recordings and Concert Footage available upon request.
Two Sets - including 15-minute intermission.
Genre: Original Adult Contemporary, Jazz, R&B.
Concert suitable for all ages.