Kathryn Taubert

Kathryn Taubert


An eclectic collection of hauntingly beautiful love songs, swinging vocal standards in English, Portuguese and Spanish, with guest artists on piano, guitar, sax, trumpet and vocals. Timeless melodies and lyrics that say it all. Kathryn's original lyrics are found on her '08 CD Somwhere In Time.


The music Kathryn Taubert sings appeals to anyone who ever identified with lyrics that told a story, evoked a memory, brought a laugh or a tear to your eye, or made you want to dance. Kathryn has performed regularly in a variety of venues, and is most well known for her smooth interpretations of old favorites, as well as complex rhythms and multi-lingual Latin jazz favorites. Working with a cadre of some of the finest jazz/blues musicians in New York, Florida, and her native Texas, Kathryn's performances always generate interest.

"Having fans identify with a song I sing is a wonderful compliment," she says. "For every feeling there is a lyric, and for every experience, a song. I enjoy finding those tunes that speak to fans on a personal level, and am honored when they ask me to sing 'their song.' "

Singing in four languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese & French), Kathryn's style lends itself to casual or formal dinner clubs, intimate piano bars, big band ballrooms, or swinging "Jam Sessions" where patrons and musicians alike gather for an evening of fun and dancing. Or, as one fan put it, "Sitting quietly at home on the deck overlooking the water, glass of wine in hand, and listening to your music is the best way to complete my day."

Kathryn's early influences included June Christie, Rosie Clooney, Julie London, Keely Smith, Peggy Lee, Anita O'Day, and “memorizing just about everything Ella and Sarah ever did,” Kathryn counts Mel Torme and Antonio Carlos Jobim among her favorite arrangers/composers.


When October Goes

Written By: Johnny Mercer, Barry Manilow

And When October Goes,
The snow begins to fly.
Above the smokey rooms,
I watch the clouds go by.
The children running home beneath a twilight sky.
Oh for the fun of them,
When I was one of them.

And when October goes,
The same old dream appears,
And you are in my arms,
To share the happy years.
I turn my head away to hide the helpless tears.
Oh how I hate to see October go.
I should be over it now I know.
It doesn't matter much how old I grow.
I hate to see October go.

Someone To Light Up My Life

Written By: Gene Lees, Antonio Carlos Jobim, V. De Moraes

Go on your way with a cloudless blue sky above.
May all your days, be a wonderful song of love.
Open your arms and sing of all the hidden hopes you ever treasured.
And live out your life in peace.

Where shall I look for the love to replace you.
Someone to Light Up My Life.
Someone with strange little ways,
Eyes like a blue autumn haze.
Someone with your laughing style, and a smile that I know will keep haunting me endlessly.

Sometimes in stars and the swift flight of seabirds,
I still catch a moment of you.
That's why I walk all alone.
Searching for something unknown.
Searching for something and Someone To Light Up My Life.

Samba de Uma Nota So

Written By: Antonio Carlos Jobim, N. Mendonca

Eis aqui sambinha
feito numa nota só.
Outras notas vão entrar,
mas a base é uma só.
Esta outra é consequência
do que acabo de dizer.
Como eu sou a consequência
inevitável de você.

Quanta gente existe por aí
que fala tanto e não diz nada.
Já me utilizei de toda escala
no final não sobrou nada,
não deu em nada.

E voltei pra minha nota,
como eu volto pra você.
Vou contar com a minha nota,
como eu gosto de você
E quem quer todas as notas,
Fica sempre sem nenhuma,
fique numa nota só.

This is just a little samba, built upon a single note.
Other notes are bound to follow but the root is still this note.

Now this new note is the consequence of the one we’ve just been through.

As i’m bound to be the unavoidable consequence of you.

There’s so many people who can talk and talk and just say nothing, or nearly nothing.
I have used up all the scale in know and at the end
I’ve come to nothing or nearly nothing.

So I come back to this first note asIi must come back to you.
I will pour into this one note all the love I feel for you

Any one who wants the whole show, re, mi fa sol la ti do,
He will find himself with no show
Better play the note you know.

The Boy From Ipanema

Written By: Jobim, deMoreas, Gimbel

Olha que coisa mais linda, Mais cheia de graça, É ela menina, Que vem que passa
Num doce balanço, caminho do mar.

Moça do corpo dourado, Do sol de Ipanema, O seu balançado é mais que um poema,
a coisa mais linda que eu já vi passar.
Ah, porque estou tão sozinho, Ah, porque tudo é tão triste, Ah, a beleza que existe.
A beleza que não é só minha, Que também passa sozinha.

Ah, se ela soubesse, Que quando ela passa, O mundo sorrindo se enche de graça,
E fica mais lindo, Por causa do amor.

Tall and tan and young and handsome, the Boy From Ipanema goes walkin' and when he passes he one he passes, goes "Ahhhh."

When he walks he's like a samba that swings so cool and sways so gently that when he passes each one he passes, goes "Ahhhh."

Oh, but I watch him so sadly.
How can I tell him I love him?
Yes, I would give my heart gladly, but each day when he walks to the sea, he looks straight ahead not at me.

Tall and tan and young and handsome, the Boy from Ipanema goes walkin' and when he passes, I smile, but he doesn't see.
No he doesn't see.
He just doesn't see.
He just doesn't see.
Looking back to see if he is looking back at me,
Looking back to see if he is looking back at me,
Looking back to see if he is looking back at me,
Look at me!

Clair de Lune

Written By: Kathryn Taubert

A haunting melody;
A quiet dream of sweet memory, Reminding me of all
That your love meant to me.
You linger as the light of the moon, tenderly.

I wonder, where you are?
Blue Rhapsody tells me we’re apart;
But somehow Dear, you’re never too far
Away from my lonely heart.

You loved me, long ago.
And still my heart cries,
“Why did you go?”

Time spins her web and yet I still know
You’re here in my broken heart.

Love’s melody, thru this reverie, is as haunting as the Moon.
You are my Dream, and I know someday, I will find you again.

My Darling, why did you go? And leave me here,
this longing to know,
A memory that never will go,
Too far from my aching,
Here in my breaking Heart.
You and my aching heart.


Where Can I Go Without You? 2007 CD/ten songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Johnny Mercer, Barry Manilow, Hoagy Carmichael, Peggy Lee, Peter Nero and others, in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish. 2008 CD "Somewhere In Time" features Kathryn's original lyrics to three well known tunes. All can be previewed and purchased on CD from www.CDBABY.com, downloaded individually at www.Digstation.com or www.Itunes.com, or purchased at www.kathryntaubert.com.

Set List

Ten Songs in Kathryn Taubert's 2007 CD" Where Can I Go Without You?" are "When October Goes," "Someone To Light Up My Life", "Samba de Uma Nota So"(One Note Samba), "The Boy From Ipanema," "Where Can I Go Without You?", "Skylark," "Tres Palabras" (Without You), "You Turned the Tables on Me," "Body and Soul", "Sunday in New York."

2008 CD "Somewhere In Time" 12 songs:
Brazil (Aquarelo Do Brasil), Day by Day, Some Other Sunset, Triste, I Thought About You, Lucky to Be Me, The Very Thought of You, Somewhere in Time, I Wish You Love (Que Reste-t-ll De Nos Amours), You Must Believe in Spring, How Do You Keep the Music Playing?, Clair De Lune.

Samples from Repertoire of 400 Songs:
Ballads and Blues:
Angel Eyes, As Time Goes By, Bewitched, Body and Soul, Cry Me A River, Funny Valentine, Good Mornin’ Heartache, Here’s That Rainy Day, How Do You Keep The Music Playing?, I Can’t Get Started, Lush Life, Misty, Moon River, Moonlight in Vermont, People, Shadow of Your Smile, Skylark, Sophi