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Wake me when it's over

Written By: carlsons

I know this is a
lot to ask but have a little heart
You don't need an audience to rip my world apart
Pretend I'm crying rivers, Pretend I'm on my knees
Just let me close my eyes and dream of how things used to be
Then wake me when it's over
after all the hurting's through
so I don't have to feel the pain I'll feel from losing you
Get it over quickly, make your speech and say good bye
Then wake me when it's over 'cause I don't want to cry

Break it to me here or there, it all goes down the same
Tell me just how hard you tried then divide up all the blame
So I'll know what I'll be missing
take me in your arms once more
But don't disturb the dreamer 'til you're walking out the door