Kathy Chapman

Kathy Chapman


Kathy Chapman performs solo, or as a duo with her husband on bass, or her band, Whately Green with a unique mix of country, blues and rock, great harmonies, a mix of songwriting styles, offering original and cover tunes. Some heartfelt lyrics that will move and inspire, and some moving, dance tunes


We come from the influences of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Hank Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett, Steve Earl, Nancy Griffith, Lucinda Williams, Mary Chapin Carpenter.


Next Mornings Rain

Written By: Kathy Chapman

It's raining every morning. At times the sun shows up at noon. But I just can't keep falling for this love inside of you.
You listened without feeling. You told me you'd be ok. But I just can't help thinking what I'd do if you had stayed. I think I've been misquoted. And isn't it a shame. I want it all behind me till the next morning's rain.
It surely didn't strike me that way. You should know I don't always mean what I say. But in any case, no matter what the price, its fallen all away, like all the false impressions that I've made. And its fallen all away, yes its fallen all away
I've gathered all my feelings, I've spread them all around. I'm hoping that come springtime there will be some fertile ground

Take it in

Written By: Kathy Chapman

He made his bed that Friday morning. Packed his bags in record time. I can't say I hadn't ample warning, but still I cried when he said goodbye.
There goes my young man, he's in his prime. Not long ago, I tell him, son, I was in mine. Back in the distance, I can still see. I look at you, my darling, you look a lot like me.
So take it in, take your chances. Through life's failures you get some answers. Don't give in when times are hard. Just have faith in who you are. And when the sun shines down on you you want to let it through.
I hope life brings you on the higher road. Yet I know its in those valleys life's seeds find fertile soil. And I know it won't always be easy, that's what makes the good times roll. Hard times they can hurt you, don't you let them touch your soul.

Don't Tell Me Blue

Written By: Kathy Chapman

You say you've got no lovin' to give to someone else. I say that love you're holding, you can't keep it on the shelf. The telling's in your eyes, dear, it's a bad hand you've been dealt. I'm holding up my heart here, it's the real thing can't you tell?
Don't tell me lonely, don't tell me blue, when you've got the real thing in front of you. Just take my hand and hold me, I'm not just anybody's fool. Yeah, now, baby, I'm a fool for you.
I've stepped around this romance, you know I've given you some time. You've seen me up the ante, to make you come alive. Just wishing makes me wonder is there knowing in your eyes? I'm pulling out the stops now, I'm gonna take you by surprise.

Give Me Peace

Written By: Kathy and George Chapman

She watches as the family walks by her window. And she follows with her eyes as they pass by. A father holds the hand of his young daughter, while the mother sings a hymn she learned last night.
She walks behind them heading for the church. And she's lost in thought in what it is she'll say. It really isn't any different this time. She knows all she can do now is to pray.
Will the fighting ever stop in time for living? Will the call of death prevail despite her plea? Somewhere there is anger that is brewing, and next to it's the grief of it's release.
He ducks as the flash blows by his window. And the smoke and fire billow from the ground. And there lying in the rubble, he sees a reminder of days long gone.
He picks up the frame and tattered photo. And he looks deep into the woman's eyes. Oh, if he could only hold her, her love is all he needs to stay alive.
Will the fighting ever stop in time for living? Will the call of death prevail despite his plea? Oh, somewhere there is anger, somewhere there is peace. I don't know the answer but I can tell you what I need. And I guess I'm just indifferent to the politics of greed, but I don't want to understand it if it means you're leaving me. I don't want to understand it....
Somewhere there is anger, I just want peace, I just want peace, just give me peace.

Little Girl

Written By: Kathy Chapman

Like a little girl she cried, she knows all the alibis, she's learned the moves.
Walks the streets downtown and for a price she'll be your own. For an hour, you can be her fool.
She didn't have much to say cause it happened to her anyway, Not much to lose. She's a woman now, making her way about, not one to choose, not one to choose.
He's a man about, knows what he's looking out for, he loves the game. So he takes her in and he fills her full of love and sin. She doesn't know any other way.
The morning paper read, they found a young girl dead. Now it's yesterday's news. Ask the neighbors why they say she lead a troubled life. It's just a simple, a simple point of view.
She didn't have much to say cause it happened to her anyway. Nothing left to lose. Just a woman now, making her way about. Nothing left to choose, nothing left to choose.


Kathy Chapman- "Because of You." Released in 2002 along with Dick Amberman. Can be found on CDbaby.com

Set List

We usually play 45 minute sets, or short outdoor one or two set gigs. Most songs are original and can be found on myspace.com/kathyandgeorgechapman
Cover tunes include songs from Bonnie Raitt, Beatles, Nancy Griffith, Lucinda Williams