Kathy Duke

Kathy Duke


Kathy Duke is a soulful psalmist in her delivery of both traditional and contemporary worship and praise songs located in Charlotte, NC. She has facilitated the worship experience of thousands of individuals with her interpretation of gospel genres that will stir and inspire.


Kathy Duke started her musical journey at the age of eight. Her uncle, Calvin Duke, was a lead vocalist and keyboardist for the legendary "Fat Back Band" with hit records throughout the 70s and early 80s. Her father, Ronald Duke, was also a gifted organist and Kathy began playing and singing with her father on the organ at that time. She remembers when her father and Uncle Calvin would sit at the organ jamming for hours and that love for music has taken her full scale to this point today.

Kathy has since recorded with such artists as Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Jonathan Butler, Rev. Joe Brown, Gary Anglin and worked with producers John Smith and Loris Holland. She has also sung with the ministries of The Daryl Douglas Workshop Company, Donnie McClurkin and The New York Restoration Choir, Daryl Doleman & Company, Nancy Jackson and Melanie Daniels. Katherine has also makes guest appearances on radio and television broadcasts in the north east. Kathy served on the worship team and as Choir Director of Perfecting Faith Church of Freeport, New York under the leadership of Pastor Donnie McClurkin
Kathy co-produced her current project "Purpose" along with seasoned producer John Smith of Axxan Productions (who has also produced such talents as Youthful Praise and Gary Anglin and Voices of CCC) and says, "It’s something I’ve wanted to do a long time – to share the songs God has given me with the world.” The songs represent contemporary gospel as well as traditional gospel and hymns. Kathy says “...they are all a part of me…what I’ve come up in and exposed to in the church through the years." The title of the CD comes from the song "Purpose, Walk In It" which is what Kathy believes is truly the hallmark of a Christians impact upon society.

The CD includes songs such as “Worthy” and “Living Water” which sets the atmosphere for pure worship songs. The songs “Purpose” (with vocal backgrounds performed by Kathy Duke and the renown Kathy Hazzard of the legendary Andre Crouch and the Disciples) and “Let the Redeemed” speaks of God’s plan for the Christian with a lively and up tempo R&B flavor. While “So Good” is a testimony of how amazing God is despite our frailties. Also, represented is the traditional gospel with Kathy’s rendition of “Because He Lives” wherein she belts it out like the old time way and the classic “Fairest Lord Jesus Medley” performed a cappella with the backdrop of ocean waves and birds chirping. Tim Jackson (DJ of The Tim Jackson show) states that he “loves the CD especially, So Good’’ This is a well rounded CD with something for everyone.

Presently, you can find Kathy ministering in the Charlotte, NC area. She attends Kingdom Builders Church where the pastor is Rev. Darryll L. Grant. Her music is heard globally and prayerfully through the medium of television in the near future. Kathy states “…this is a project that was done with His help and His breath, may it first of all bless Him and the hearts of all who hear it.”


So Good

Written By: Kathy Duke & John Smith

Verse 1
Oh I find It amazing how you care for me,
though I just don't deserve it, you keep on blessing me,
In return I will serve you and show I appreciate,
Lord I'm gonna serve You all of my days

Oh I love Him
Yes I love Him
Oh I love Him
Been so good to me

Verse 2:

In times of unrest you stay right by my side
Lift me up by my hand, help me to go on,
Through my highs and my lows didn't leave me alone,
Lord you were my friend when others have gone on

How can I help but to love You, love You (3x)
Been so good to me

Oh I love Him


Let Us Rejoice (cassingle) 1998
Purpose CD 2007 (current receiving air play on internet radio stations)

Set List

So Good
What if
Let the Redeemed
Its Good to Know
One More Day
Because He Lives
Let Us Rejoice