Kathy Moser - Music For A Better World!

Kathy Moser - Music For A Better World!

 Stanhope, New Jersey, USA

The natural choice for any green event to help audiences feel motivated and inspired, as well as entertained and amused.
Joni Mitchell meets Snoopy, deep but goofy!


Kathy Moser is a songwriter, performer, teacher and social artist, working to bring positive change to the world through music. She performs and tours nationally.

Her new album Some 1 Like U is the engine for her Neutral's Not Enough Campaign, which is engaging her audience, green partners and her album sales to work together to offset 10X's the footprint of her album.

This will make the project "Oxygen Positive" rather than carbon neutral. She is hoping to inspire a friendly competition between businesses to see who can achieve the greatest offsets.

She has performed for the Sierra Club, NJ Audubon, Clearwater, Genesis Farms, The Willow School, , Transportation Alternatives, NE Natural Building Colloquium, Dancing Rabbit Eco Village, Ridge and Valley Charter School, Earthaven EcoVillage and the EcoVillage at Ithaca, among others.

Known for her poetic lyrics, driving guitar style and goofy stage presence, her environmental songs focus on the positive. Kathy believes that a sustainable life is a better life. She uses the platform of the stage to help educate her audiences about green buildings, energy efficiency and passive solar. Audiences leave her shows entertained and uplifted, thoughtful and motivated.

While touring the country in her 40MPG Honda Fit, she photographs progress on environmental issues and shares those with her fans.

Working with young people is one of Kathys passions. In 2003-2005 she and her audience together provided an annual scholarship for a teen to attend the NE Natural Building Colloquium to learn hands on about green building.

She gives workshops, artist residencies and concerts in a variety of educational and institutional settings. Her work encourages young people to find a place to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Before turning to music full-time in 1996, Kathy was one of the first people to do environmental education in a corporate setting, leading an environmental awareness team at Ciba-Geigy from 1990-1993. She was also the founder and director of Biking Is Kind to the Environment from 1991-1996.

As the promoter of the "Community Green Festival" in Peapack, NJ said "Kathy is the perfect performer for any green event!"


Straw, Clay, Wood and Stone

Written By: Kathy Moser

Verse 1
The bird builds its nest high up in a tree
It’s beautiful, simple and strong
The bird builds a nest that fits right in
Like the harmony part to a song

I want a home like that, simple and true
I want a home like that for me and you

So let it shine on everyone,
we’ll heat our homes with light from the sun
let it shine, everybody come on home
we’ll build from straw clay wood and stone

Verse 2
The bee builds its hive in heart of a tree
An apartment house so sweet
The bee builds a hive that’s beautiful to see
A home that’s good enough to eat


Now there’s a mansion on the hill built almost every day
I would not want to build my house that way
The ransom on that mansion will never go away
They’ll have to pay and pay and pay and pay and pay

Verse 3
Now I’m not here to suggest we go back and live in caves
But why do we build these houses that turn us into slaves
When all we really need is to be warm safe and dry
Tucked into the earth with a good view of the sky

Verse 4
I’m gonna build a house that lies light on the land
That the birds and the bees can both understand
I want to build a house that sets me free
I don’t want to work for my house, I want my house to work for me


Written By: Kathy Moser

I was minding my own business, not that I have a lot of business to mind
It was Tuesday, I was in the garden eating leaves in the sunshine

When all of the sudden, for no particular reason I started feeling ill at ease
the season for molting is way past gone I must have some new weird caterpillar disease

So I decide I’ll go find Edith, Edith always knows what’s going on
I look everywhere that I can think of but Edith, oh poor Edith, she’s gone

Now I’m feeling sick, worried and dizzy, so I pick a place to lie down
I stick my four back feet on a shady branch and let my head hang towards the ground

Maybe I was just dreaming, Could be my imagination
but a voice just kept repeating, these are the blues of transformation

It gets worse, and I start shedding, no I mean really, on and on and on
Like every single bit of skin I’ve know and been slightly fond of
Every single bit of it is gone

Turns out my inner child is actually a shiny bright green
I haven’t had this bad a day since I was a larva
I know you know what I mean

Next my skin starts to harden, and I start feeling trapped
Anyone who tells you they enjoyed their cocoon, they are full of crap

That’s when things get really weird and I start to come apart
Talk about a breakdown baby, I’ve got no lungs no brain no heart


When I finally wake up, I’m trapped and in the dark Trapped in the dark and all alone,
I tell myself self as soon as I get myself out of hear I am going home

I look for a door but there isn’t one, I have no idea what to do
There is no way out of here, the only way out is straight thru

So I push and I kick and I bite and I scream and I push and I pull…. And I’m out

I can’t believe it, I’m still in the garden, but somehow everything has changed
There’s something sticking out of my back, oh no, good god wings?

I stretch my legs, hey what happened to my legs, I had 16 now ten of them are gone
One thing I can tell right away is I’m gonna need a new way of holding o
Marvin, you look marvelous, what a beautiful proboscis you’ve got
You turned out fabulous, Marvin, I must say, you are hot

Edith, it sounds like Edith, Edith, what happened to you
I’m a butterfly now Marvin and you, you are too

No you haven’t been dreaming
This is not your imagination
It’s been me that’s been repeating these are the blues of transformat

Shopping Mall Redemption Song

Written By: Kathy Moser

Words and Music by Kathy Moser
I went down to the mall, I took my credit card
Here’s what I tried to buy

I tried to buy peace of mind, a little more time,
more open space for this overcrowded human race,
and I looked in every store,
I went to another mall and looked some more
but they didn’t have it in my size.

I went into the shoe store, they had so many shoes
I looked down to see if I had more than two feet, nope.
You know Imelda Marcos never would have had her little shoe problem
if there weren’t way too many shoes to pick from in the first place

but I was looking for…..

You go into any drug store, anywhere
they have more than one hundred things that you can put in your hair.
You know you can do more with your hair than you can do with a
consenting adult in the privacy of your bedroom,
and I think there’s something wrong with that

but I was looking for…..

Well it’s Saturday, I’m at the mall
it would be unpatriotic to leave without buying something
and taking it home in a plastic bag, so…. what do I need?
I’ve got a job, I’ve got enough to eat, I’ve got a place to live
and I’ve got ten different shoes for two different feet.
Seems like I’m set.

Oh, there was one thing.
As I was coming to the mall today
I saw this opossum laying dead in the road
and I stopped and put him back in the woods
and apologized like I always do

Global warming’s hard on these guys.
They’re hibernating in February
and they wake up because it’s seventy degrees.
They think they’re six weeks late
and they run right out into the road
into someone’s Jeep, Isuzu, Samari 4x4 and splat!
we’re down one opossum
so I figured I would get another opossum
to make u for this one that we had squished, plan B

I went into the pet store, I looked all around
would you believe there was not one single opossum, to be found?
Finally I saw one in Toys ‘R Us and it was cute and fluffy
but it was stuffed and it was glued to this plaque
and well I was pretty sure God wouldn’t want that back
so I was back where I started

and I’m looking for…..

By this time I was exhausted
so I went into Roy Rogers and had a Dr. Pepper
I know I shouldn’t have, it could have been that,
it might have been the fluorescent lights but…
I started thinking

You know if we took down the malls
all these people would have a lot more time
I’d have some peace of mind and there’d be so much more open space
Isn’t that what I came here for in the first place?
I jumped up, got everyone together, we went back to every single mall,
took out all our credit cards and bought them all
we took them down, one by one, and now we all have a lot more fun and

Peace of mind, we’ve got a lot more time,
we’ve got more open space
for this overcrowded human race
Spend Saturday outside, in the sun.
Outside is free for everyone
Spend Saturday outside, and I swear you’ll find it’s true,
when you wake up Sunday morning you’ll find the temple is inside you.

Ride Horses

Written By: Kathy Moser

If we all rode horses, I guess we wouldn't go too fast,
but if we all rode horses, we wouldn't burn any gas,
there'd be no more oil spills ruining the ocean and the Arthur Kill,
so why don't we all just ride horses.
If you had to take a trip, you could take a train
If you had to go really really far, you could take a plane
if you didn't have to go that far, you could ride a horse
gas stations they would become huge piles of hay
we would completely do away with the Long Island Expressway
the Parkway, the Turnpike and shadow traffic

You'd never have to get your brakes fixed, never get a flat tire
you wouldn't have to pay car insurance, or try to find that one darn wire
starts your lights start blinking,
your head starts thinking,
your spirit's running,
the tow truck's coming,
your heart's racing at all the bills you'll be facing
and your mechanic is driving a Mercedes-Benz!
Bridge 1
You can show me your Mercedes, show me your Porsche,
show me your Maserati,
I'll show you my horse
Yours was made in Detroit,
mine was made by God,
somehow you people think I'm the one that's odd
but someday we'll all just ride horses
Are you in such a hurry to get to your job,
you're willing to create poison smog, do you really like you job that much? Drive your car into the garage
shut the door, no one's gonna see you any more,
the way I figure,
outside is a garage a little bit bigger.

The Future's In the Mirror

Written By: Kathy Moser

The future’s in the mirror
Everyday a little clearer
Listen close and you can hear her
And what she’s trying to say

The future’s voice is quiet
Makes it easy to deny it
But time is on her side
She’s gonna ride you like a song

I know you don’t believe the things she tells you
Somehow you don’t believe in time
So you won’t buy the truth she wants to sell you
Those she looks you in the eye you swear she’s lying

the future doesn’t need you to believe her
The future’s just trying to place the call
Like gravity does not need your permission
If you won’t watch where you’re going
One day you’re gonna fall

I think you felt it coming
You lived life back turned and running
Like you knew you were becoming
What she always said you’d be

You died of thirst out on the water
And I your only daughter
Sat and rocked beside my father
As the future rolled right on past

The future doesn’t need me to believe her
The future’s just trying to place the call
The future has my full attention
I believe in gravity because I watched you fall

The future’s in the mirror
Everyday a little clearer
Listen close …..can you hear her

City of Dreams

Written By: Kathy Moser

On a train to New York City
Riding the rails of her dream
Leaving everything she’s ever known behind

Grand Central Station
More people than she’s ever seen
Midwest farm girl statue searches for a sign

The buildings climb so high
They leave canyons in their wake
From the bottom you can barely see the sky

From the top of those buildings
They say you can see forever
One makes it there for every million that try

In this city of dreams
She came carrying her heart
City of dreams
Never sleeps, it’s never dark
But it’s true you know the stories that they told
These streets are paved with all those dreamers’ souls

On the subway after work
Holding her head in her hands
Black and white, 8 X 10

It all comes down to this
Everything she missed
Everything she did to offer it up again

The line stretches out, wraps around the building
A hundred other dreamers in the rain
Their whole life to get here and when this night is over
99 numbers and one name

the man driving the taxi, the waitress at the bar
they came here once upon a time following a star
they sang when they were hungry, they danced when they were cold
and they pounded down this pavement til they turned it into gold

on a train from New York City
the rails of her dream
take her back to her Midwest home

Grand Central Station
Across the platform, through the window
She see a young dreamer stepping out alone

Head back, eyes closed heart open wide
As her train slowly pulls away
For that girl across the platform
And everyone how makes it this far
She prays every dreamers dream has it’s day

In this city of dreams
She came carrying her heart
City of dreams
Never sleeps, it’s never dark
But it’s true you know the stories that she told
These streets are paved with all those dreamers’ souls


"Ride Horses" 1993
"Good Things" 1997
"Get Used to It" 2001
"Live From Godfrey Daniels" 2005
"Some 1 Like U" 2010