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Kathy Phillips

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"Finalist Uber's You Bring the Talent Contest"

April 01, 2008 8:39 PM ( archive)
First Of The Finalists
Ladies & Gentlemen and fellow musicians...

As promised, today we will start to reveal some of the top 10 artists that entered You Bring The Talent. Please remember that this is in no particular order. In fact, there are so many musical styles that ranking bands wouldn't be fair. We will be posting the band and a few comments that the judges made to me and their Uber page. I would encourage you to check out the page to see and HEAR what it was that caught the judges attention. Even though these artists didn't win we all agreed that they were worth signing and can make it.

So our finalist for today is Kathy Phillips. Some of the comments were Kathy's song structure was very solid. Writing pop is never easy. You've gotta have HUGE hooks and great production to cut thru on the radio. The vocals are strong and have purpose. Kathy's songs all have this. Lyrically strong without being cheesy. Kathy's page design is brilliant. Clean but makes a statement. You know exactly who and what this artist is about when you pull up the page. She's got a great look and feel to her style. Congrats on your music career Kathy. You're gonna be huge.

Please check out Kathy Phillips here.

Please check back tomorrow for another finalist spotlight.

Michael Steele - Uber.com


When You Say Nothing At All (Robbins Entertainment)



I absolutely luvvvvvvvv Lionel Richie. He is the king of sappy love songs. *I bow down to the master*. I love the colour pink..I know..so girly of me. LOL..but don't let that fool you...I am a tomboy at heart.

I have been through many life-changing experiences and I believe it just makes me that much stronger as an artist. My songs are all about experiences that not only I have gone through, but what everyone at some point in their life goes through. I believe in a higher power that helps you tough it out. My biggest driving force this year is my mom. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Colon Cancer. Basically, the doctors had given her 2 months to live and told me to prepare for her funeral. Well, it's been 8 months since and my mom is not only getting stronger, but her latest CT scans have shocked the medical staff as well. Her tumors are shrinking everywhere and the doctor's are now discussing about a possible remission. This just goes to prove NOT to take NO for an answer. I dedicated this past year to the one person who gave me the gift of life. I provided her with the best organic foods and starved the cancer from any kind of sugar. I want to share my experience with everyone because I believe in having faith and being able to beat the odds. With love, knowledge, and dedication you can beat anything.

I hope that when you listen to my music, you feel happy, or content and even if you feel sad...I hope it's in a cleansing kind of way...letting out any feelings that have long been bottled up inside. I love to perform. I love the rush it gives me.

I've been blessed so far with the opportunity to work on amazing projects. I have placed my vocals on various compilations such as Fisher Price Little People, Superstarz Kidz CDs, and recently, worked closely with Fitness Guru Richard Simmons on his Supersweatin' CD Series.

Have a listen to my songs and let me know if you feel happy too. Not happy go lucky but a hot chocolate with marshmallows kind of happy. :)