Kathy Phippard

Kathy Phippard


An indie "femme alt/pop" singersongwriter from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada whose international-award-winning songs feature soaring vocals, passion to burn, and a sound that has been described as lush, strange and beautiful with an edge.


KATHY PHIPPARD is an independent "femme alt/pop" singersongwriter from St. John's, Nfld., Canada with a colorful history. She has earned a JUNO award and two Gold Records through her three year escapade with Warner roots daddies The Irish Descendants, touring both Canada and internationally.

Her debut solo CD "Outside Lookin' In" was instrumental in honing her songwriting skills, and the title track was honored with 1st place in the Unisong Int'l Song Contest in L.A.
Her video of the same title has been played on the Much Music video channel in Canada.

November of 2004 brought the release of her second CD "Premonition".
Alt/pop/rock songs that deal with birth, death, love, and cloning give the listener a chance to laugh, smile, cry, and smirk in fifty four minutes or less.
Her song "Miss Duality" won 2nd place (rock/alt.) in the Billboard Int'l Song Contest, as well as"Guilty" being chosen as semi-finalist in ISC 2003.

A semi-finalist on CBC television's "Great Canadian Music Dream Contest", she has also made appearances on Gabereau Live in Vancouver, CTV News Net with Lisa LaFlamme, and City Pulse Entertainment in Toronto.

She has played showcase performances at the Philadelphia Music Conference, East Coast Music Awards, NEMO, and NXNE, as well as some of the the finest live music venues in New York, Toronto, and Montreal.

Kathy recently returned to Nfld. from a two month engagement in Casablanca, Morocco.
Good couscous!


Fetal Position

Written By: Kathy Phippard

If I close one eye so tight I
see a side of you I didn't know
If I cover up one ear I
hear the strangest sound like underground

If I'm caught up in the penthouse
with the freak show on the tv
will I make it to the bored room where my lover keeps my picture
When I crawl out from the wreckage
will I find a place of shelter
or wander through the black smoke with the baby of some stranger

Those sticks and stones will break my bones
but they won't break my spirit

Fetal position do I leave a hope light on leave a hope light on
Fetal position do I dare to hope at all
Curl up in my tiny ball

It's fever that I'm feeling in the fear that keeps me real
A ragdoll of misgivings with a lust to keep on living
Bang bang he's got you he's got you
When it all goes down will I feel it

Meet me at our secret place go hide and seek among the streets of
dollar stores and wedding gowns
One last chance to paint the town
Klezmer band will hit the floor sushi couple's out that door
A cell phone rings some trust fund brat is panicking


Written By: Kathy Phippard

I see your expression
but it's not the one I was hoping for
I've come such a long way in getting
myself to the point of composure and grace
All those nights you looked at my face in the dark at my innocence
I'm not innocent

I'm guilty and I won't dare deny it
Guilty and you're so unaware
It's not the first time I've fallen in
Guilty for wanting what we should have been

You say you're sorry are you sorry for the things you've done
or sorry 'cause I found out
There's some major tossing and turning
of feelings and hearts together alone
All those nights you lied to my face in the dark to my innocence
I'm not innocent

I knew I'd met my equal by the chills that took control of me
you woke me up you woke me up to steal the deepest part of me
You shook me up and then you put me down let me crash inside my head
images of you fading

Sweet Thing

Written By: Kathy Phippard

Sweet things gather all around you
from nowhere
Sweet things intensify your style and everything you do
'Cause you are like some precious stone crystal in the wind
make this world your own
you're a sweet sweet thing

Sweet things make me wanna be around you forever
Sweet things make me wanna change my life
Make it better with you and know each day is fine
Your sweet heart in mine
Make this world our own
We're a sweet sweet thing

Don't let us fade away can't stand the thought of leavin'
If we owned our time I'd bathe it wearin' nothin' but a smile
Sweet thing


Outside Lookin' In

Set List

Two hours of original pop/rock songs. Two or three sets.