Kathy Sharpe

Kathy Sharpe


Kathy Sharpe - singer/songwriter with Visions of Praise (5 harmonized vocalists)


Gospel/Contemporary Christian
Style is a cross between latin, contemporary praise & worship and urban gospel.


Who Could Not

Written By: Kathy Sharpe

How can I get you to understand
How can I pull from you
a will and a passion
to magnify His Name
Now if there was a way
you could listen and open your eyes
maybe you'll see what He has
placed deep inside
to magnify His Name

To all creation He gave life
throughout eternity He made time

No knowledge can compete!
His wisdom is so rich!
His love is so strong
no man can measure!
No one can compare!
His power is declared!
His mercy will last forever!

Who could not give Him glory?
Who could not lift up praise>
Who could not bow down
before His majesty?
How could one not adore Him?
How could one not see His love?
How could one not totally surrender
to the King of kings?

You Are God

Written By: Kathy Sharpe

We praise You! Adore You!
We magnify Your Name!
We shout out Your glory Lord!
We lift up exaltation!
We offer up our praise!
Declaring! Proclaiming!
Your righteousness - so holy!
No one could match Your glory Lord!

You are God!
King of kings and Lord of lords!
Creator of the universe!
The beginning and the end!
Forever You will reign!
You are God! You - Are - God -
- You - Are
You are God!


Although we have not release anything, we sing at many Christian events in San Diego.