Uplifting. I try to adress issues that needs to be adressed : injustice, social issues and misconceptions. As far as in concert, I like to keep the energy high and get people to laugh a little.


Originally from Quebec, I arrived in Toronto after spending four years of living and playing bars in New York City. For a few months I lived in Harlem (it was the cheapest place I could find - $14 a night, can't beat that) and started performing in different coffeehouses and bars. I did A LOT of open mics at great funk places like 101 and Café Wha and got some regular gigs at the BMW coffee houses. I released my first single, titled I Never Bled in 2000. Scored some great things like the compilation "Women in Williamsburg" nationally distributed by Lulu Records, and some TV appearances. After working as a session vocalist for a few songwriters, I appeared as guest vocalist on rapper Sin Messiahs "Child Abuse" track and video. Capstone Records gave me the opportunity to record a new single titled "Unclassified" and I started performing in University stages in New Jersey and getting airplays on college radios in the New York and New Jersey area. Back in Canada since 2002, I have made some appearances on CHRY 105.5 and CKRG 89.9 and and played for a few charity concert such as "Free Tibet" and "Mindscape" for cultural studies students. I am now working on my first album planned planned for release in fall of 2007.


Indian Summer

Written By: Kathy Taler

Indian Summer

I knew you when I was just a little girl
And you were just starting out
You had this way about you
You could just make my world twirl
And through the years that helped me out

It’s not about being the most beautiful
It’s about being you
And it’s not about being invincible
It’s about giving and not pretending

So I feel like hell tonight
But I know things are gonna be alright
I just got to think about you
And remember what matters
And if I wake without a sunny day
I know things are gonna be OK
Cause you’ll be with me ‘till the end
You’re my Indian Summer

I grew up quick, oh yeah I grew up mean
And now it’s been such a long time
I thought about you
But life has wiped me clean
And took away half of my mind

But I know, it’s not about being the most lovable
It’s about being true
And it’s not about being original
It’s about showing some meaning


I followed you on lots of your stories
And through all this while you stayed humble
And in this life that allows little fantasies
Might as well hold some memories to call home



I Never BLed-1999
Women Of Wiliamsburg-2000
Classified Love-2001
Not Guilty-2007

Set List

Indian Summer
Condamnable Disguise
I Never Bled
Life Stinks
Soak up the Sun- Sheryl Crow
Head Over Feet- Alannis
Angel of Death