Kathy Taler

Kathy Taler


A voice that will take you on a roller coaster. She can pick up a guitar and give you the thrill of your life. Rob Taylor - Carparelli Guitars


Kathy Taler

With the release of her new album "Not Guilty" in the Fall of 2008, Kathy Taler has become the Bad girl on the Canadian Independant music scene. The raspy voiced rocker from Quebec has spent years playing New York City’s best and raunchiest coffee bars and Clubs. She performed on various recording projects as a backup vocalist before releasing her first original EP "I Never Bled". Her unmistakable vocals on the track resulted in the song being picked by Lulu Records for their compilation album called "Women in Williamsburg", which sold with National Distribution in the United States.

Her travels have inspired a gritty punk rock attitude that shows itself clearly in the music and also in her live performance. Always one for onstage theatrics and visuals, her shows seem to be on the verge of crashing and bursting into flames but she manages to hold on for dear life and walk away smiling like a bloodied prize fighter who just KO’d the opponent in the 1st round. Audiences are often shocked, and always surprised, but never seem to be able to look away out of fear that they may miss some of the excitement. She is kind of like 105 pounds of “kick your ass…” Not someone whose purse you would want to snatch. And that’s just the theatrics part. The music speaks for itself, and on its own certain terms.

Since relocating to Toronto, Kathy has appeared on CHRY 105.5, CKRG 89.9, KJAG FM, and IndependantScene.ca, has been featured in Canadian Musician and T.O. Night and will be part of the soundtrack of the movie "UpDownEve". Taler’s music might just be the wake up call that the Canadian Music Industry needs right now. With song titles like "Life Stinks" and "Criminal Mind" expect to be surprised.


Angel of Death

Written By: Kathy Dostaler

Angel of Death
Words and Music by Kathy Dostaler

Wake-up in self-doubts
With nothing to live for
But the light of the moon
I’ll cut myself up
And I’ll drink some more
Here’s to looking at you

You call me a monster and you pond on my door
Just a little bit more
You rip my heart out then you say your goodbye
Relatives can be vile

Angel of Death
You talk to me but you got no answers
Angel of Death
You talk dirty
But you give no pleasure

Your soul is rotten and your face is a mess
So you’re here to judge me?
Why don’t you shut up, I got nothing to confess
And get the hell ’way from me

You strike from behind and you do it in style
With your cunning wiles
You drain my strength; you’re the cancer in my head
Relatives can be dead

Angel of Death
You talk to me but you got no answers
Angel of Death
You talk dirty
But you give no pleasure
Angel of Death
Remember me I was that little girl
Angel of Death
I’m back
To kill the aggressor

You cut into me for too many years
It’s over
Someone’s going down
And I won’t let you hurt somebody else
I’ve watched you make a hopeless girl out of me
Create a world so dark I couldn’t be saved
But I won’t go without a fight

Summers have come and gone but I have remained
The bitterness in me hidden away
And I thought I could be somebody else
The rage I feel is probably something you can relate to
I don’t forgive you, make no mistake
But hey….nothing now can make it right

Angel of Death
You talk to me but you got no answers
Angel of Death
You talk dirty
But you give no pleasure
Angel of Death
Remember me I was that little girl
Angel of Death

Spoken: Come on people

Angel of Death
You talk to me but you got no answers
Angel of Death
You talk dirty
But you give no pleasure
Angel of Death
Remember me I was that little girl
Angel of Death
Got me to long for, long for, long for …
Long for murder


Written By: Kathy Dostaler

Words and Music by Kathy Dostaler

Do you know what you came for
Did you get what you came for
Do you know what you came for
Bla, bla, bla says the man on the stand

You got the hawks on the one side
You got the doves on the other
Then you leave God to choose
Who’s gonna kill the other
You got to take a stand
Because it won’t be long
Another bad president
Another country’s gone

For centuries of injustice
It wasn’t so long ago
They killed the ones that were different
A slave, a witch, a foe
You think the world has changed
Well look hard and know
‘Cause viciousness remains
Inside the human heart

Scream it loud so they can hear
Justice for the rapes, the traumas, the blood and the tears
Is what will get you here
There’s one way to not let them win over you
Control your fear

Thousands of years of sacrifice
Of women on their knees
All these Sundays of good advices
Where they ask you to bleed
You think the world has changed
Yeah, it changes by the minute
But visciousness remains
Inside the human’s heart


Gotta go beyond the conscious
Gotta go beyond Jesus
To see your chains
To see what remains
A government you can’t trust
Civilizations of greed, lost
Humans tracked and monitored


Life Stinks

Written By: Kathy Taler

The night is damp, your mind is dark, you did some good
But did you make it? You wonder tonight
The world has stop, you’re battling could-a-should-a and you are loosing
(It’s not looking good)
Makes you wonder are you a puppet
And who or what is pulling the strings?
Is it the president, you own parents ‘cause you know what…
Life stinks

So you decide to face the world all alone
(Each morning brings death a little bit closer)
Till then you won’t cease to hear the screams in your bones
(So the agony can last a little longer)

You just threw up, your arms are marked, The tiles are cold, your head is banging
This wasn’t your night
You’re blaming God, the weakness of human mind, while they are praying
(And it’s not looking good)
You might have wondered
What’s wrong with people following a lord that hurts them daily
Without will power or sense of fairness
Life stinks!

So you decide to fight this world all alone
(Each day that goes by makes you more bitter)
And you won’t cease to hear the screams in your bones
(So the agony can last a little longer)

To walk the walk and manage to be sane
You gotta play it rough and silence the voice in your brain
You wake up feeling a little stronger…

I Want You Again

Written By: Kathy Dostaler

I spend my days working forward
But you’re there at night, calling me back
Back to a life where I was nothing
Where I lived only through you and for you
Wasted many months on an answer
Explaining why you’re still in my dreams
Dreams I had, I was just thirteen
When there’s nothing I wouldn’t have done for you

And I miss your love
Or whatever it is you wanna call it
And I miss the pain
It comes back to me whenever it rains
And I miss your touch
Although you never gave me much
And to this day, I crave it

I want the walks in the rain
The butterflies, the crazy nonsense we made
I wanna bring back the laughter, the funny lines, the cool times and the games
I wanna hold you close in my arms
Like I did that night, under a starry sky
I want you again… don’t ask me why

I still see your curly hair through the window
The way you looked at me and smile
Smiled away this sadness and this fear I felt
I’d runaway if I could run with you

You know you’ve been at first, my joker
You cracked me up that day we met
The craziest blue eyes, you made me happy
Hanging by the fire, you had the best of friend in me

Now I miss your kiss
Like it was the only one I ever tasted
And I miss your laugh
And that’s the one thing I’ll always cherish
And I miss your mind
Like it’s the only one I’ll ever find, yeah
But most of all, I miss you


I might be the crazy one
For holding on so tight
And I’m sure paying the price tonight
You might’ve become somebody that’s too serious and bitter
But that’s not the way I’ll remember you

Chorus x 2


Not Guilty - 2008 (Two Jack Records)
Unclassified - 2001 (Capstone Records)
Women of Williamsburg - 2000 (Lulu Records)
Kathy Taler - I Never Bled - 1999 (EP)

Set List

1) Get It Right
2) I Never Bled
3) Life Stinks
4) Never Again
5) I Want U Again
6) Condemnable Disguise
7) Idiot
8) Rhode Island
9) Criminal Mind
10) Sleepy Hollow
11) Far From Heaven (Part 1 & 2)
12) Justice
13) Brighter Day
14) Angel of Death