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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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"Songwriters Monthly"


Katia is a refreshing artist with a crisp edge to her voice and an elegantly inventive style of writing. Her music has a snap that captures your attention at the very first word and holds it firmly as she guides you through bright, inviting soundscapes filled with an impressive variety of delightful rhythmic and melodic surprises.

Katia is a classically trained pianist who, at ten years old, was and remains one of the youngest vocal soloists to perform with the Russian Philharmonic. Shortly after her highly
publicized performance, Katia made her way to America. Once in the United States, Katia continued to study music on her own, absorbing influences from a wide scope of artists ranging from ‚ Madonna to Norah Jones.

Produced by David Kahne [Paul McCartney, Sean Lennon, Sugar Ray, The Strokes, The Bangles], Katia‚Äôs debut single entitled ‚ Girl Like Me‚ is an engaging track with roots in pop, a solid melody, and just a hint of the classic Motown sound. Lyrically, the artist noted the song is about the "day-to-day stuff that girls go through."

The dynamic vocalist attracted the attention of other noteworthy collaborators for her debut EP [also titled GIRL LIKE ME]. Steve Greenwell [Joss Stone, Diane Birch, Taylor Dayne] and Vic Flowers [Alicia Keys, Jay-Z] assisted on the production side while Tony Maserati [Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, Jason Mraz] did the mixing. Her latest single ‚ Pretty Picture‚ [produced by Steve Greenwell] was written around the time Michael Jackson passed away. Katia informed, I wrote it at Baldwin pianos [who sponsor her] which used to be The Hit Factory (where Michael used to record). I was with my friend, Jack Knight ‚ who is an amazing songwriter ‚ and I had this chord progression on the piano, which I really loved, and we just went for it. Michael's spirit was definitely in the room!‚ Pretty Picture‚ is a song about loving one another no matter what, being compassionate towards one another, and not judging,‚ Katia continued. We are all here for the same reason: to love. We all feel the same happiness and pain, so let's cherish one another, heal the world and make it a better place!.

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- Allen Foster





A classically trained pianist who remains one of the youngest vocal
soloists ever to perform with the Russian Philharmonic, New York-based
singer-songwriter Katia has a pop music style as unique as her background.
Songs like her debut single "Girl Like Me" reveal her classical melodicism
within a pure pop context, in which her lyrics-about the "day-to-day stuff
that girls go through," she says in typically engaging perfect English-are
nailed by her beautiful but insistent singing voice.
Eight years old at the time of her highly publicized performance
with the Russian Philharmonic, the St. Petersburg native, who is now
sponsored by the Baldwin piano company, came to America shortly thereafter.
She has studied music on her own ever since, absorbing along the way
influences ranging from Madonna to Norah Jones-both of whom, incidentally,
have been mentioned among artists whom Katia evokes. Indeed, renowned
producer David Kahne was so impressed by Katia's talent that he offered to
produce "Girl Like Me" in between recording projects for Paul McCartney and
But Katia has attracted other noteworthy collaborators as well for
her debut EP, which is also titled "Girl Like Me." Vic Flowers, a producer
and musician whose credits include Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, and Steve
Greenwell, who has engineered for Joss Stone, have assisted on the
production side; producer/engineer Tony Maserati (Destiny's Child, Mariah
Carey) did the mixing. The EP release is due in August, but Katia will
continue her busy schedule up through then and beyond.
She has already written and performed the end-title song for "The
Bleeding," a horror film starring Michael Madsen and Armand Assante that is
slated for release later this year. She also sat down in May for a 40-minute
interview/performance segment on the Internet's cutting-edge BreakThru Radio
site. And she has been invited to perform at a Make a Wish Foundation
benefit in New York in October. And of course, she is playing regularly with
her band of like-minded musicians in numerous locations in her home base.