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Written By: Katie Arnold

{Draw near, Draw near}

I’m shaken, I’m taken to a place so dark I can’t feel my skin
I’m breaking my heart all over you

I’m walking these fine lines, if I look to the right, to the left I’m gone
I pray your hand to cross me Lord

Draw near
Draw near

September, remember, it’s just time, it’s time, it will pass on by.
Then why’s it wasting me away?

Beyond this, I know this, your beauty it must be somewhere near,
in the canyons of my soul.

Draw near, draw near
Draw near, draw near

To find your voice, to feel your touch, to know you’re here to know you’re near

To find your voice, to feel your touch to know you’re here, to know you're near

To find my way is in your ways so I can stand and face the day

Just hold me near
Just hold me near