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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Pop Alternative




"CMJ Music Feature"

“Costello’s music, while pop-y and upbeat at times, possesses the soul of quirky indie and the instrumentation of rock. Her second album, Lamplight, is full of songs of a similarly genre-defying nature.” – Keyana Stevens - CMJ

"Self Magazine Feature"

“Life as a touring musician can be rough, and yoga–with its mind/body benefits–can be the perfect workout on the road. Katie Costello, who always travels with her mat, took time out of her busy schedule to demonstrate her favorite moves.” - Self Magazine

"Self Magazine Feature"

“Life as a touring musician can be rough, and yoga–with its mind/body benefits–can be the perfect workout on the road. Katie Costello, who always travels with her mat, took time out of her busy schedule to demonstrate her favorite moves.” - Self Magazine

""Kaleidoscope Machine" on 90210"

11/18/08: Katie Costello's song, 'Kaleidoscope Machine' will be featured on the CW's hugely popular show, '90210.' - CW.com

"Skinnie Magazine Feature"

“Los Angeles native Katie Costello stands as a beacon of musical brilliance amidst a faltering and generally mediocre Pop music environment. It would be simple to compare her to someone that is well-known in hopes of trying to gear one’s attention that might be acclimated toward a specific type of genre, or group, but that would be a massive disservice to Katie’s quirky sensibilities and insanely talented songwriting abilities.” – Alex Mendoza - Skinnie Magazine

"Interview Magazine Feature"

“… She certainly has the vocal chops worthy of the Costello name.” - Interview Magazine

"Beatweek Magazine Feature"

“Spend time chatting with her, and the quirky sense of humor is as immediately evident as the philosophical side.” - Beatweek Magazine

"Billboard.com Feature"

“The 20 year-old may be young enough to be Rivers Cuomo’s daughter, but she is already an accomplished artist.” - Billboard.com

"Vogue.com Music Feature: Artist Of The Week"

“Her second album, Lamplight, is a quirky assortment of carefree summer pop, which, much like Costello herself, seems to make more sense when set against the backdrop of Brooklyn’s tree-lined streets, brownstones, and rustic coffee shops.” – Freddie Champion - Vogue.com

"BlackBook Magazine Music Feature"

“Ignore the sudden sensation of being thrown into an iPod commercial, because the feel-good, piano-heavy melodies on Katie Costello’s sophomore album are instantly offset by quirky lyrics and rich, reverberating vocals.” - BlackBook Magazine - March 2011 Issue

"Marie Claire Music Feature"

“You’ll feel the emotional storm brewing in the first few notes…” - Marie Claire - March 2011 Issue

"Teen Vogue Music Feature"

“And with rich, melodic ballads about love, change, and finding yourself, there’s little doubt that this 20-year-old’s new set of songs will score her just as many accolades.” - Teen Vogue - March 2011 Issue

"KCRW 'Top Tune of the Day'"

KCRW, the Santa Monica, CA - based public radio station that is known for their broadcast of cutting edge music, has chosen singer/songwriter Katie Costello's song, 'Kaleidoscope Machine' for thier 'Today's Top Tune' promotion.

The song will be featured for 24 hours on Wednesday, Oct. 29th on KCRW.com and on the KCRW page of iTunes for FREE.

After Oct. 29th, 'Kaleidoscope Machine' will stream on KCRW's website for 3 months.

Both Chris Douridas (New Ground) & Nic Harcourt (Morning Becomes Eclectic) currently have Costello's music in rotation. - KCRW

""It's good to know what one wants to be when one grows up""

WED OCT 29, 2008
It's good to know what one wants to be when one grows up. At 17, Hermosa Beach resident Katie Costello is making her path clear. She will release her debut shortly and I'm excited to offer the song, "Kaleidoscope" as Today's Top Tune. - Nic Harcourt - KCRW

"Local Student takes bite of Big Apple music scene"

Singer-songwriter, pianist and Mira Costa High School senior KATIE COSTELLO wasn't afraid to bang out a tune on a toy piano from Target when she recorded her first album, 'Kaleidoscope Machine,' in NYC this month.

"A lot of songs on the album are makeshift noises," Costello said. "We literally bought toy instruments to make drum sounds and kind of electric piano noises. It was really fun and gave the album a really cool feel."

"Kaleidoscope Machine" will be released by Dec. 2008 and is a 12-track album.

"It's really hard to define my music. Not because I think it's special or out of the ordinary or something, but because I think music is such a personal art. I'd like to think it's somewhere between folk and pop," said Costello. - Easy Reader

"iTunes 'Indie Artist Spotlight'"

iTunes 'Indie Artist Spotlight'
for 11/25/08 - iTunes

""I Can't Fix Us Two" on One Tree Hill"

Episode "Forever and Almost Always"; Season 6; ONE TREE HILL

- CWtv.com

""City Lights" on ABC's "Private Practice"

Episode 219 "What Women Want"; "City Lights" on "Private Practice" - ABC.tv

"Katie is only in her late teens, but ..."

Katie Costello is only in her late teens, but already has a voice that produces notes well beyond those tender young years. Her vocals are soft with a bit of a whimsical, theatrical sound, along with a, lived life edge, that’s also found on them.

Her press material describes her as, “…a grandma stuck inside a slightly less matronly 18 year old body.”

Costello pulls from artists like, Billie Holliday, X, Fiona Apple, New Buffalo, and Bob Dylan for her musical inspiration.

Standing only 5' 4? on a good day, the fair-skinned, blue eyed Costello likes to have fun with her music, which can be evidenced by some of the more unusual music credits found on the release’s cover. Starting with the Kazoo, which Costello uses to bring a light element to several of the songs. You’ll also find credits for, drunken spirit voices, introspective mumbling, dulcimer, washboard, and stomps.

While the CD has 12 listed tracks if after the song on track twelve ends if you’re patient and wait for a few moments the hidden, “Virtual Diploma” springs to life.

With the songs being written by Costello it’s hard to think of what she’s drawing upon for some of the more intense lyric content found in the songs. It must be that grandmother hidden in her coming out. Her lyrics have a bit of a dark edge sarcasm to them while at the same time offering up glimmers of hope.

My favorite tracks were, “Isn’t It Lovely,” a song that starts out with a Parisian café sound via its accordion and muted trumpet parts. The song deals with needing to take the time to slow down and really enjoy life sometimes.

I also liked the title track, “Kaleidoscope Machine,” a lively up tempo song that features a nice steady thick drum beat that works well when set against Costello’s soft vocals. To me the lyrics of the song brought out the idea of how beauty can be found in so many different ways, just like a kaleidoscope can produce so many different vibrant colors and patterns, depending on how you look through it.

Costello has found success on TV already with her song, “City Lights” being chosen for use on the ABC show “Private Practice.” Along with her music appearing on the show "90210" that’s found on the CW network, iTunes also featured Katie in their “Indie Artist Spotlight.”

Showing so much talent already, it’s hard to fathom what musical wonders lie ahead for Katie Costello’s music. - Indie Stop

"New to the scene: Katie Costello"

There seems to be a stereotype that Indie music is depressing music. Now I can't argue that some Indie music is, Death Cab For Cutie for one can go in that direction. I want to talk about two artists who do not have depressing music, and I think are worth watching in the future. While Tim Myers and Katie Costello (check them out at the iTunes Store) are newcomers to the Indie music scene, I already love their music ... Katie Costello came out with Kaleidoscope Machine in November 2008, and all I have to say is: Oh My God. I love the title track, "I Can't Fix Us Two," "Shadow Love," and "City Lights." Costello's voice stays with you long after you are done listening to the album, and (at least for me) I want to go back and listen to it again. That's saying something because there's a reason I want to go back. Superficial music might be good on a first listening but not after that. That is not the case here. She's the real thing. So Tim Myers and Katie Costello, I hope you keep on making great music as new energentic voices in the Indie music scene. When you do, I'll be sure to listen. - SF Indie Music Examiner


Impossible Things (EP) - Released November 20, 2012
Follow Your Every Beat (EP) - Released May 8, 2012
Lamplight (LP) - Released February 22, 2011
The City In Me (EP) - Released September 28, 2010
Kaleidoscope Machine (LP) - Released November 11, 2008



Katie started writing music at the age of 13 when she learned her first piano chord and has not stopped for a moment since. She began her performance career playing an extensive catalogue of original songs in the school library, during her snack break in the school drama room, and after school at an assisted living home. At 16 she started playing at various venues around Los Angeles and along the Sunset Strip, and with her usual precocious sophistication managed to talk her parents into getting her a fake ID so she wouldn’t have to be thrown out after playing her set. The day after her eighteenth birthday she was on a plane to New York City, where she would finish her last year of high school online and continue pursuing her dreams. The now 22 year old songstress has released two full-length albums “Kaleidoscope Machine” (2008), “Lamplight” (2011), and three 5-song EPs, “The City In Me” (2010), “Follow Your Every Beat” (2012), and "Impossible Things" (2012).

The self-proclaimed “song-doodler,” interweb philosopher, absurdist, and music farmer very fittingly describes her music with a word she’s also made up: Kitsch-Edge… A fusion of kitschy and edgy. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York where she is attempting to live the dream, finding unique creative expression in everything she does. She believes the world is her oyster.

Katie's songs have been featured on the TV shows, “90210,” “One Tree Hill,” “Private Practice,” “Switched At Birth,” and many more. Katie’s music has been on KCRW (89.9 Santa Monica) “Morning Becomes Eclectic” and was chosen as their “KCRW Top Tune of the Day” free iTunes download. All of Katie’s music has been featured on iTunes in various capacities. Her song “Isn’t It Lovely” was the grand-prize winner of Sennheiser’s “My Song Contest.” Paste Magazine has featured her song “Inside Out” in their “New Music Sampler,” as well as Katie’s latest album “Lamplight” in their “Best Of What’s Next” piece. Katie’s music has been featured in Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, Blackbook Magazine, and on Vogue.com, Billboard.com, PasteMagazine.com.

Katie is currently working on her third full-length album and it's going to be SO GOOD.