Katie Gray

Katie Gray

 Austin, Texas, USA

iTunes chose her as one of their spotlight artists, FOX has featured her music on 'Bones' and radio stations are playing her music across the country... but to really experience the magic of Katie Gray, you must witness a live performance. Whether you smile or cry.. you will be moved.


With a life that began in Washington DC, then Michigan, Washington State, California and England, Katie Gray has recently settled and found her roots in Austin, Texas.

After spending 4 years performing as an actress in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles (TV: ‘Friends’, ‘Buffy’, ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’), she began her musical path in 2004.

It was then that she moved from the city back home to her family and lived with them on an island off the coast of Seattle called Orcas Island. It was there on the island that she picked up the guitar and began her path of songwriting and performing.

Having built most of her fan base from licensing songs off of her album ‘From Far Away’ (FOX’s ‘Bones’ featured her song ‘Set Free’ and iTunes chose her as one of their spotlight independent artists, giving away 250,000 mp3s of her song ‘Set Free’) it was only recently that live performance has become her focus. With the help of Kurt Baumann (Kan’Nal, Freeland & The Burned) on Guitar and Norm Bergeron (an eclectic professor of music, trained in world percussion) on drums, the trio is making waves in Austin and beyond.


From Far Away

Written By: Katie Gray

Close your eyes and tell me that the sky is coming down,
It's breaking at the seams and it's falling to the ground,
Or turn your head the other way, she's falling, you just let her,
You hope that someone else will make it better,
Don't you tell me this is how the world is going to end,
I want to fall in love and pass it to my children,
We're the ones that pulled the pin and opened up the box,
We took for granted what we had, we shook it till it rocked,
And now it's broken,

From far away it's amazing,
From far away it's turning,
From far away it survives,
The world's surviving,

At night I find it hard to rest my head and fall asleep,
Cause death is telling me I could leave here,
But long ago I made a pact and I intend to keep it,
As long as I am breathing, I'm going to keep on trying,

Cause from far away it's amazing,
And from far away it's turning,
From far away it survives,
The world's surviving,


Debut Album- "From Far Away", available to listen and check out on...


Set List

An example: (all self written)
-From Far Away
-Back to Love
-Simple Games
-Set Free
-Ode to the lost Angels
-Out to see
-The world survives
-The Pearl
-Stars soon to shine

I can come up with about 85 minutes of music. Not including any intermissions.