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Written By: Katie Grima


It’s kind of scary what’s come to be
An evolution so clear you see
What we have done
It can’t be undone
You know our future is in your hands
But you just care about your own demands
It isn’t fair, don’t leave us in despair

You can try to turn things around
Before we feel fire burning in the ground,

Feel the change
We are estranged
There is something that you can learn
From this change
We don’t want the world to burn
Make a change

You make your billions, where does it go?
The rest of us would really like to know
Will you try to protect us?
Save our children’s home.

How can you stand so proud and tall?
Do you really even care about our world at all?

Repeat Chorus

Make a change that is best, stop all nuclear tests
Use your riches for a better quest
Think of future lives, how will they survive,
If all that you do is scheme and connive?

Repeat Chorus X2

Our Happiness

Written By: Katie Grima

Verse 1
It has taken long enough
to be strong enough
To get us through today
Trying hard to get it right
Trying not to fight
Hoping all our troubles will disappear

We are wishing for our happiness
To be let back into our lives
When will our futile days pass by us?
I'll keep on searching for the light
For the light

Verse 2
I will hold my head up high
Can you do that too
And hope for the best
Try to smile, I know it's hard
But keep hope in your heart
Then happiness will come our way

Repeat Chorus


I want to make a change
Let's try and make it happen
I want our happiness back
When did we lose it from our hands?
From our hands

Repeat Chorus