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Katie Haverly


"There are singers, and then there are singers – and Katie Haverly’s one of the latter, with one of those spectacularly effortless-sounding voices that reaches all over the scale and explores all manner of sound without ever coming across as forced or strident or technically perfect for technical perfection’s sake. You hear the human being when she sings, not the studio or room or microphone that makes her sound so good, as the warmth and intimacy of her voice sucks you into the place where mel


If you want to know more about Katie Haverly’s music, you won’t need to have taken the train rides or the long drives of her life. That’s because her writing takes places, people, and pictures and fills them with the emotion of human experience. Having taken her music from Arizona to Colorado to Chicago and finally settling in Albany, NY, Katie has woven her travels and life stories into tapestries of sound. Performing primarily solo/acoustic on guitar and piano, Katie recently was voted best female singer/songwriter by Albany’s Metroland “Best of” Edition in 2002, and best female vocalist in 2003. Her music has been compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, and Tori Amos. Katie’s 1999 recording, “Face Down”, is followed up by her new full-band album, “The City”. The songs on “The City” draw from her year spent living and writing in Chicago, and are an eclectic mix of styles from jazz to folk. Katie has shared her music nationwide for the last five years, and is looking forward to promoting her new album. For more information please visit www.katiehaverly.com, or write to Katie Haverly, P.O. Box 66133, Albany NY, 12206.


The City

Written By: Katie Haverly

The City

It’s getting colder
And Broadway births a big-booted apparition
And the taxi navigators, honk too much
At my body walking, just trying to get somewhere
And the gray tape holds the crone’s limp steady

And where do the artists play?
In dirty basements, candles drippin’ on everything
Blanch the mike with slander, perversions
While the virile muse- he takes it in- he takes it in
And he winks out of half an eye….

You can, look a little
It’s cheap
Give a little offering
Like turpentine blossoms and the rest
Of the bones on the street
And the ghosts on the beat
They don’t need, you to point out what’s innocent, in the city

Hey but lets sit close
No not too close, push your neck down
Penetrate your book
Jiggle everything, yes, even those
Hummin’, creakin’, open, close
And the drone opens my heart like, a little rose


Full Length album "Face down" released 1999
Full length album "The City" released 2003
Tracks available at www.katiehaverly.com

Set List

Can do sets from 10 minutes to 4 hours. Prefer a one hour to 1 hour and 30 minute set.
I don't usually do covers, mostly my original music, but here are some I might throw in:

Jeff Buckley 'Allelujia'
Bob Dylan 'Don't think twice it's all right'
Joni Mitchell 'River'
Tracy Chapman 'For My Lover'
Pearl Jam 'Footsteps'
Nick Drake 'Been Smoking too Long'
Bonnie Raitt 'I Can't make you Love me'
REM 'Half a World Away'
Fleetwood Mac 'Landslide'