The imagery and depth of KatieLand's lyrical content are carried on folk melodies and vocals which have been compared to Natalie Merchant, and Norah Jones gone indie, accompanied by harmonies that remind listeners of the Indigo Girls.


"The voice of an Alto Angel" describes Fronteirsman Josh Fryfogle of Katie Cason. Through the use of lyrical imagery carried on folk melodies singer/songwriter and resident of Anchorage, Alaska values the metamorphosis of disappointment turned hope, embodied in the art form of songwriting.

At the age of 7, Katie began exploring her own musical path vocally, with piano and later on the guitar. Subsequently her early stages of songwriting have evolved into projects found in coffee shops, stages, churches, and recording studios all of which have been influenced by living in Central and South America and more recent travels to Europe and Asia.

Katie's solo music has been spinkled throughout the years all while writing, recording and touring with several folk rock, acoustic bands. After 3 years and 2 albums in a Kenai based band, 2Cent Syndicate, Katie moved to Anchorage and until recently has been involved in a 4 piece folk rock band, Something Simple.

Touring Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon are on Katieland's Calendar for 2007 along with the release of her first full length solo album.





Written By: Katie Cason

I did not ask Him to bring you the world
tied up in string and left by your door
so don't expect wildflowers
freshly handpicked from fields of desire

this is what i asked for
in just a little while we'll be there
this is what i asked for
in just a little while you'll see that

the river it won't seem quite as wide
when you look over your shoulder from the other shore and
this mountain it's not that high when your doubts can't leave you terrified anymore

when you are melting by the light of the moon
He will catch every drop of you
fingers pressed tightly together until
every thought is steady and will not spill


Written By: Katie Cason

if i was a star would you travel very far
just to watch me burn
or will i always be
just an asterisks in your sea of galaxies

we'll carry constellations on our shoulders
that we might navegate you o dark waters
we'll carry constellations on our shoulders
now we're charting our way home

if i was a bird would you ever notice me
would you hear my song
cause i'll sing all through the night
above the storm until daylight
til you come along

our hands are bloody from the fight
our hope is doubtful we'll survive
after all of this is said and done
we will
chart our coarse across the sea
just the stars and you and me
we're coming home
o when the wind starts blowing
o when the wind starts blowing

Hide and Seek

Written By: Katie Cason

under this chair or behind that glass door
you might find me there
if i close my eyes you can't see me anymore
even though i'm under your nose

la da da....
it's only a game i play
la da da.....
until i get scared

hold me once hold me twice
count to 10
open my eyes
kiss me once kiss me twice
count to 10
everything's alright again

element of surprise
that you seek why do i hide
under the darkness the depths of the seas
you might find me there

i hide, you seek.....


A newly released demo is now available.